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  1. Thanks, that seems to have helped (I'm now getting 200mbps DL and UL). What do the channels and widths represent? Is it completely random what would work best, so I should just work through the entire list? I turned off the ad blocker and that resolved the website load. I might look to go back and just add those sites to the whitelist at a later time. Is there any general advantage to the ad blocker being on?
  2. As a backdrop, I have fiber to the modem. Would having a CAT6 cable from the modem to the router improve ping if it's a 5 foot run or is the CAT5e fine? I'm running cat5e from the modem to the router and then cat6 hard wired from the router to the xbox.
  3. Hi, I just received my netduma R2 but I am getting really slow wifi speeds. When I do a speed test over wifi I am getting around 100mbps at best. These are my current settings: So it says I am on the 5.20GHz band. When I connect with a hard wire I get 1ms ping, 450mbps download and 700mbps upload. I've updated the firmware. Is it possible that the QoS is limiting the speed/bandwidth? Does the QoS only impact wifi connections? Why does my hardwired computer not get limited while the laptops over WIFI do? Lastly, when using wifi on an iphone, if we click on an ad or article link to an external site like BlogTO or TMZ it loads half way and then just stops. The wife doesn't like this so needs to get fixed ASAP ;). Is this maybe the ad blocker? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Zach
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