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  1. newest PS5 system software update did not solve the problem. FYI. I will keep you updated. (v20.02-
  2. just FYI. I had no disconnect without QoS the whole day. So the ticket makes sense for PS5 future updates. Let me know in case I can help in any way...
  3. disconnect from PSN party with PS5 with or without Traffic priorisation (on/off) as soon as QoS is enabled. All custom rules deleted. no red light for traffic prio. also tried anti bufferbloat off - disconnect, no impact at all It seems to last a few minutes longer when traffic prio is off, but that might also be random you know...
  4. Ok guys I tested it yesterday WITHOUT a single disconnect on PS5 psn party chat = QoS completely disabled. As soon as I turn QoS on I get disconnected from party in 1 Minute. Tried this 10 times. This is a serious problem because my XR500 with NetdumaOS is completely useless now with PS5. No Problem with PS4 and the same settings btw. (as long as I use wired connection with PS4, using Wireless 2 ghz same issue). Can I support you Fraser with a log or something to help solve this issue? Just let me know what I can do. Thank you.
  5. I even had a call with my Internet Service Provider to make sure all ports are open on the modem itself (without Netduma Router). Well since it is still random how long it lasts it might be as well Sony PSN problem. I plugged in the XR500 after 1,5 hours of voice chat with modem of ISP only. So for now I will try QoS off and UPnP off, and traffic prio is off anyway it seems because of QoS disabled. Still hoping for a solution.
  6. Disconnected again!!! Oh nooooo. Ok I will disable UPnP, I just used it as a tool to see what ports might be needed by games and voice chats. But since I opened all ports now there is no need to have it on. Also got disconnected with DMZ on my PS5. Any Ideas now?
  7. Disabled it again (tried that earlier without success in the same menu) and the party chat PSN lasts for 60 minutes now and is still running. In PS5 menu I have party setting to auto (instead of server only) but this setting had no impact earlier. Just for others that might have the same problem. It is random, so I will keep you updated about the progress of this setting disabled QoS. FYI: Tried to disable Goodput as well earlier with no result or impact as expected, right? 🙂 For the UPNP UDP 3074 (for PS5 IP as well) it seems to route it / activate it when cod Cold war is active / start up. Even when I disable voice chat of cold war in game completely. Btw I still have all other devices disconnected and only use PS5, Mac and iPhone to minimize impact from other devices. I recently changed the traffic priorisation as well to see if that will help (see second screenshot). So to sum it up: It runs for 60 Minutes now with 2 settings changed: 1) disabled QoS completely (screenshot 1) and added traffic prio (screenshot 2). I will give an update later, just wanted to let you know. I had it before that it lasted an hour or longer so right now I can not really tell if it helped or not. Thank you so far. Happy weekend!
  8. Somehow UPNP opens up UDP 3074 even it is already open for PS5 (when Cold War is active / with or without in game chat enabled)
  9. I think something is wrong and we clearly need an expert to support. I wasted 2 full days and no result.
  10. there is a setting in PS5 to use server only for party chat, maybe this will help you. I tried both settings when creating a new party chat and did not help. settings available on PS5 (auto/server only)
  11. BTW I just downloaded cold war again in 6 Minutes, 1000K internet. 12 ms ping to local test services. No disconnects at all.
  12. Hi Fraser. Thank you for quick reply. GeoFence is completely disabled. Also re-installed the PS5 to factory settings. Opened the party with the fresh PS5 on PSN and got disconnected within 2 minutes again. PS4 party chat works and I used the same settings in the router. Well PS4 did not work with party chat when I tried WLAN (even with good network) but I use cable all the time anyway. I need a wizard now. HELP ME FRASER 🙂 please edit: my game connection and downloads and everything works fine. It is just the PSN chat party thing that keeps disconnecting. My friend told me: everytime I got disconnected from party chat he sees the icon that I am online again - but I am still in the game and also streaming live on PS5 directly without interruption (just as an example to see if I am actually without a connection for a second or what...).
  13. Hi all, I need help. To start off: All my ports on my ISP modem are open (contacted my ISP). When I plug in the PS5 to the modem directly I have open NAT (Nat Type 1) on PS5. PSN party chat works as long as PS5 is directly connected to ISP modem. Problem when I use XR500 as router, plugged in into my ISP modem: PS5 party chat keeps disconnecting due to network connection problems and/or Nat type restrictions. When I plug in the XR500 into the modem - and open all the ports manually to have Nat Type 2 (open Nat in COD cold war) - or use DMZ server for PS5 IP - I get disconnected from party chat in between 1 to 10 minutes. So I used UPNP to see what ports might be blocked/used and I saw that port UDP 3074 seems to be routed to another free UDP port (since I have 3074 in my port forward section for the PS5). I disabled/uplugged all other devices but the PS5. Disabled all WLAN functions. Disabled QOS. Disabled traffic priorisation. Nothing helps. I tried connection the PS5 via WLAN and LAN cat7 cable. Again: It seems to work when I plug in the PS5 directly to the modem of the ISP, but I need to plug in the XR500 there (and I need/want the options of the NetdumaOS). Firmware is XR500 Nighthawk All the ports I opened manually, since DMZ did not help are listed in the screenshot attached. Please help me. I will reinstall the PS5 now completely from scratch. If anyone of the Netduma might be able to help would be great. I would also open a remote connection to go into detail if needed. I spent days to find the problem but I am not able to. Thought I know what is going with the tec stuff, but here I am. Regards. StaR
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