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  1. Ok, I think this could work. I'll try that for now, until I get my new Modem from my ISP in one month. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello everyone, I just bought my new R2 Router and got to set it up, even with a few problems because of the included power adapter. Lucky I had one in spare from my older Netgear Router. Everything is working now, but I get no inet connection when I plug in my R2 into my ISP Modem/Router combo in bridge mode. I disabled the Router funktion auf my FritzBox 6490 from AVM in Austria und connected the bridged Modem/Router to my R2 but I don't get connected to the internet with my R2. When I use my ISP Modem/Router in normal mode everything works, but thats not the purpose of the R2, because I want it to do all the routing and my Modem should only asign the IP Adresses. Should I configure my R2 manually in the "Network Settings" - "WAN" - "Network" option? I have cable Internet, so I think I have to use the DHCP setting? What do I need to do in there? I am happy for every bit of help. Thanks - Kroga
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