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  1. When i run connection benchmark via the DumaOS, i have my normal speeds, around 766mbps. when i test the connection to the computer (connected to the R2 via Cat8 ethernet) its only ~12 mbps. QoS is disabled
  2. Im getting about 200mbps download on wifi and only 10-12mbps download on my wired connection which is a cat8 connection to my desktop. Is there something that I can do to fix this?
  3. This is via web browser at 100%: I Hadnt thought about zooming the browser out. thats a great temporary fix! i think the biggest issue is when trying to scroll back up via mouse wheel, it automatically zooms in on the map, or zooms out if youre trying to scroll down. just makes it frustrating IMO
  4. after each denial, i quit the game, then started up and searched again. 2 full minutes in between denials is a long time, but worth it to find the right connection. Thanks!
  5. I've been running some tests with CoD and finding that my router is still connecting to a denied host. in the attached image: if you look on the list to the left, you will see that the host that was AutoPinged is listed under "Peer2 ping assist" and that the connection is Denied. If it is a denied connection, why is the R2 still connecting to it? If i Re-Click Deny it vanishes for a moment then comes back automatically. can anyone give me tips to fix this?
  6. The Geo-Filter map is so large that you have to scroll down to check the host auto ping, then in order to select a ping, you need to scroll back up and de-select auto ping host, select the ping you want and then name, allow or deny, then go back UP to the options and auto ping the host. This can be fixed by either allowing us to resize the map so it doesnt take up the entire screen, or allowing an auto-ping host override where it will auto ping the host, but then any additional clicks will bring up the selected host. Does anyone else get affected by the enormous size of the geo filter map?
  7. @Netduma Fraser Thank you for all of your help, honestly extremely quick and clear instruction to assist with troubleshooting. I just received my new R2 today and upgraded it immediately without any issues. @Netduma LiamThank you for the extremely fast shipping and replacement R2. Would you like me to send back the malfunctioning R2 so your team can inspect what went wrong? I have the original box it was shipped in and can drop that off to a carrier if you send me a label. Overall, thanks for all the help, looking forward to seeing your company and the RAPP features expand!
  8. When on the wifi and trying to access the router Im presented with the following: please help!
  9. My router and internet are now not working, I have no connection on LAN (won’t even load If I plug into the modem directly i have internet. This is the second time this has happened and I don’t want to factory reset before we address it. Is it possible the devs tried to upgrade the firmware and it isn’t working? Do I need a new R2?? zero settings have changed since last night around 2am when it was working fine. 10:40am today it went out.
  10. I changed ISP's on 11/23/20 and since then have only factory reset the R2 on 12/14/20. i tried to update the firmware yesterday and received the incorrect signature issue again. I made sure that IPv6 is off for both WAN and LAN and remote support is allowed. I have no idea what caused the issue which triggered the need for the factory reset.
  11. this is what im seeing, my computer is connected to LAN 1
  12. I managed to factory reset again, this time it is back to factory settings(im not sure what happened the last time i reset)- is there any chance that a dev can assist with updating the firmware today? ipv6 is off for both lan and wan and remote access is enabled.
  13. Pm'd results- no, cant connect to wifi, im not seeing the wifi broadcasting at all. only hardwired works
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