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  1. It took like 5 days after moving the Router to a different place. I don't use Wifi, all the connections are by cable/Ethernert. After a Week, all the devices connected to the Netduma lost internet connection and it does not connect back to the internet. I have my google wifi connected and my personal PC by wire.
  2. After one week and a half the Netduma keeps doing the same thing but it is not overheating.
  3. I'll move it to a better place. There is no cable connected because I'm not using the Router as I said in the header it is overheating and resetting. This is the first time I have problems with a router. The surface of my desk is not wood. The ambient temperature in that area is not hot. The PC next to the router is not a gaming PC so no heat I'll place the router in a better place and let you know.
  4. I dont use wifi. I have Wifi Disable on Modem and Router when is working, This Netduma is for Gaming so only hardwire.
  5. The temperature in my house is good Central Air, USA. My Netduma R2 is on my desk. In a clean area.
  6. The Netduma is doing the same even after Updating the firmware.
  7. Hi, I have only 2 month with my Netduma R2 and After the device overheat "I think" it is resetting the device and I'm not having access to the Router IP and There is not Internet Connection. I feel the unit kind hot that's why I think it is overheating, But I'm probably wrong because this is my first Netduma. The unit came with a defective Antenna, the Antenna never stay up.
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