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  1. One other alternative depending on resources: A more powerful wired only router and don't include wireless. That's my main thing in the personal sense. I utilize my own wireless access points. I would prefer to have a wired box only that will be more future proof as hardware advanced vs wireless hardware that is money wasted having it included.
  2. Perhaps require an authentication server? Unsure how Untangle / Sophos handle their requirements. I'd pay a pretty penny though to be able to build my own box. If DumaOS is based off of linux than it might be possible. If it's ground up software than it's very unlikely to happen.
  3. I know you're fairly set with your current business model - but I would most happily pay a licensing fee to install DumaOS on my own dedicated x86 / x64 box to use as a dedicated wired router (I use my own access points). Just a long term planning thought I'd toss your way.
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