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  1. Yeah, I can say this firmware is like night and day so far. I can't believe how much faster the admin router page is.
  2. I've done full factory resets multiple times. In fact this has been the only way to get certain devices to connect to it. My xbox series xs (less than 15 feet away) was only getting 22 mbps connection. The router interface page was slow and also timing out (connected via ethernet..). There's no logs of disconnects just a few DDOS and Syn attacks. I've had QOS enabled and disabled. I've just tried a newer version (.47_1x) The Xbox Series X is now connecting at 218.16 Mbps previously 22 Mbps. The main page is extremely responsive. (I was getting time outs and errors just trying to load between the pages). The new QOS auto and bandwidth checker works just fine. I'm no longer getting micro disconnects.
  3. If you have an adblocker it will severely reduce the page speed, disable it for the page.
  4. Thanks for the info concerning the CPU2. I was getting 616 - ~800 wirelessly with an ac1900 card previously with freshR7000. The default setup and settings for the xr1000 router (had the wrong channel, width, and not optimized at all) was getting 212... I previously had QOS disabled, but with 3 roommates with 2 streaming 4k netflix and ~20 devices connected, the rocket league player (Wireless) was getting ping spikes every so often. (might of been some microdisconnect issue). So I enabled it, but later found out the bandwidth bug test and that it had it capped to a measly 100 mb with 70% of that allowed.
  5. I'm having quite a bit of issues with my XR1000. I'm getting microdisconnects. I'm hardwired with ethernet issues still happen. I have an Xbox series XS, it also gets micro disconnects. The router admin is extremely slow. Connection Benchmarks will time out, RAPP errors pop up. Example of an issue: QOS - > Auto detect bandwidth speeds, app times out results in QOS speeds of 100mb UP and DOWN. I have gigabyte connection 900UP 800Down. Due to it erroring out, QOS capped it to just 70mb up and down.. instead of like 600MB and 385MB, Getting DCs on All xboxes in the house, Connection speed on xboxes is pretty terrible (15 feet away wireless XB series SX). Various devices will be blocked from seeing various network 2.4 or 5.0. I have a chromecast that will never be allowed to connect. Refuses to allow connections on setting up other wifi per device unless I restart the router. The Device Manager will show offline devices online and vice versa as well.. Coming from a r7000 with fresh tomato, this is a bit disappointing. The default settings were trash for wifi 6 btw. I was getting less connection speed than my r7000 till I had to change the channel and other settings. Extremely unoptimized at default. Question: On version is this the latest? And does CPU2 (gold cpu graph) never get used? Red and blue hover between 20-50% usage, where as gold (CPU2) stays at 0%.
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