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  1. I also don’t see the White triangle on this legend.
  2. Thank you. Where’s the XR500 forum.
  3. I am on the XR500. I don’t see the legend.
  4. What do the different symbols mean? I wish there was a legend somewhere. The website explains a few. I am assuming the rectangle in a circle is the server. Then I see a person, a person in a circle, and a person with a triangle. What are the different people with shapes mean? thank you.
  5. What benefit does bufferbloat have for gaming
  6. I am on .56 I believe. I didn’t like the beta. Could you answer the questions based on the firmware I have now?
  7. I see there is no Geo Filter profile for Destiny 2 - Xbox....So how can I set BufferBloat just for one specific console? Is this not how it works? Can someone explain? Is it smarter to leave it on "When High Traffic is Detected?" Thank you!!
  8. Well the beta caused it to not work...so I fixed the problem
  9. I just did, and it seems to work just fine. Only issue is it’s favoring one console over the other. I am trying to make private matches in public game modes. It’s matching the same console first every time.
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