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  1. Any idea why I can't hear my friend in the Xbox party chat again? I've allowed the connection prior to this and it's been fine for about a week.
  2. I did set my NAT to open a few days ago and that did help the issue I was having. This evening I disabled the DMZ setting on the nighthawk and all of a sudden I seemed to be getting ridiculous ping in my games. I have since switched it back on and the ping seems to have stabilised again.
  3. That has sorted the issue! Do you know which ip I should be putting in the DMZ section on the nighthawk?
  4. Perfect, thanks very much! I think I might have already put something in there, now you mention it. I shall check later on though to be sure.
  5. I haven't changed anything on that just yet. I was too scared to, after getting myself booted out of the xr700 haha
  6. Good stuff, I shall keep my eyes peeled for that! Thanks very much, I will do. The only thing I don't seem to have sorted is the "double NAT detected" on the Xbox. It's always there when I switch it on and then it says all is well when I test the NAT type on the console. I have tried choosing both secure and open NAT in the router settings.
  7. Ah I see, are you in the process of doing that? I have my Xbox one X, directly next to that is the ISP modem and then about a foot away from those is the xr700 linked with ethernet cables. I have done some digging and found out how to allow connections, this seemed to sort the problem. I only did that for one of my friends and it seems to have worked for everyone.
  8. So more in this subject, I'm still getting double NAT, I drop out of Xbox parties about half hour into a session and the gaming performance is almost as bad as when I had just the standard ISP modem. Strange that the xr700 isn't capable of ipv6 but has a dedicated section for it. I bought it thinking it was relatively recent tech
  9. Ah ok, so that explains why I had ipv6 all the time I couldn't access the xr700 and now I can it's gone. I have enabled ipv6 in the advanced settings and set it to autoconfig on everything. It's also on 6 to 4 tunnel. As far I was aware it was all enabled when I got it.
  10. Hi me again (sorry)! So I've just regained access to my xr700, I seem to have solved the 'double nat detected' issue on the Xbox but it's now only registering ipv4 and not ipv6. I've done a lot of searching and can't seem to find a solution that works. I also can't seem to hear any party chat now, which may be a coincidence. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Update: I have managed to get my pea brain around all of it now and have regained access to the router!!! The only problem I have now is that the geofilter is showing in the US and I'm in the UK, how do I change that? Also thanks so much for all your help and patience 😁
  12. I don't know if the instructions are for computers pre windows 10 but that's all I get
  13. It’s most confusing because in the link above it’s telling me to go into my connections but it only lists 3 things to change (ip, subnet mask and default dns) but, when I access it, I have about 5 different things to change and then it tells me it can’t change the ip. The only place I can see to access these things is in the isp modem
  14. I can’t remember exactly but the ports in use flash and then I think it’s the power light that flashes
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