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  1. I have seen people ask if this is going to support SNMP trap a few times and have always got directed to place additional inline hardware to "measure" it as the data flows. I was wondering if you guys are considering adding it as a feature of your OS? My previous modem with Telstra had this current one with DUMAOS doesn't have it. It is definitely much simpler having it as part of the gateway rather than adding additional hardware as there are redundant 4G services and everything in the router so it makes sense it has total control. Thanks for considering it
  2. Are you guys able to help out with getting it working... I've enabled it, restarted and disabled it a few times but never get any change or auto restarts of the modem. (other than manual restarts and modfem comes back up exactly how it was). Using Technicolor DJA0231 Software Version : 18.1.c Firmware Version 18.1.c.0462-950-RB Hardware Version VCNT-A
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