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  1. I don’t think I had another username never had an issue to come to the site I bought the router back in 2016 because I use to get ddos playing Destiny all the time. Haven’t messed around with the features in a while and I’m just realizing how amazing this router is and ive been missing out. I really appreciate r1 beta access and quick response. I can still talk in game chat with no problems so Ill wait until there is a fix for party
  2. Just upgraded from the original netduma R1 to the DumaOS. Waiting to get DumaOS 3.0 I just signed up. I got the Xbox party issue right away and when I tried for the first time to use these forums to find a solution it said I was banned and unable to access these forums while using the netduma for internet. I don’t want to downgrade I’m really liking the DumaOS and hoping when I get the dumaOS 3.0 these issues go away. I’m not sure how long the wait is after signing up for it so I’m looking for a fix in the meantime.
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