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  1. Yes, it was. I honestly believe that some electrical parts of the router are dead. The way I set it up when I got it last year, I didn't change anything except of geo filter, QoS and I used ping heatmap. I have static IP from my ISP, DIA connection. This literally happened once I left the house and came back. Lights for WiFi are not turning on since then. The internet light is shutting off for 2-3 seconds. I was even switching rooms to see if the socket didn't lose some percentage of power.
  2. It was random IP leading to my location.
  3. I tried with all 4, still the same issue.
  4. I didn't explain it well. The lights are blinking fast and that's OK, but then they turn off for like 2-3 seconds. When this happens, my PC acts like I unplugged the lan cable - it stops the process of identifying the network (sometimes it stops while identifying, sometimes it says it's unidentified and then it just disappears when lights go off... then it starts identifying all over again). I did try what you wrote previously - I unplugged router from the modem, turned off the WiFi and I still have the same issue.
  5. It was off for a couple of hours, then on for more than 10 mins and I'm still unable to connect. And same as before, lights are blinking until I hold the reset button for 30 seconds and only then they are static, but I still can't access the interface.
  6. Did it, but unfortunately I still can't access it.
  7. Yes, I did hold it for 30 seconds.
  8. Okay, everything was working fine. I went out of the house, I came back and I noticed I can't see my NetDuma R2 WiFi anymore. I checked the router and I saw that power light was static, but internet light and Lan1 were blinking and all other lights were off. I turned it off, waited for some time, then turned it on. Same thing. I then connected the internet to other router and everything was working, so I had internet connection. I the switched Lan1 from my PlayStation to PC and noticed that my PC was notifying me that it is trying to identify the internet connected via lan and then all of the sudden it all disappeared - like I unplugged the lan cable but I didn't. I switched lan cables - same result. I switched PCs - same result. From there, I tried to reset the router and then the buttons became static (the 2 that were previously blinking - internet and Lan1). I then tried to access dumaos/, it said that site can't be reached. I tried via IP - same result. I then tried to turn off and turn on router again and I got all the way back to the start - power light was static, internet and Lan1 were blinking. I ran out of options, I have no idea what to do next. I have the router from October 2020. Can anyone help?
  9. Hi, Geo-Filter, drawing polygon is now "limited". I was able to click wherever and drag wherever in .0123, but now I can't. The dot isn't placed where I click and I can't use full 360 degrees for the next dot. Is this a bug, or is it the new way drawing polygons will work from now on?
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