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  1. I dont see it in there, thats just a link to multiple forums. I did see that new firmware 2.32 or whatever it is. But that doesnt have the heat map does it? The beta should still be better?
  2. Ahh cant wait man! My friend has the xr500 and he needs the update for the beta 3.0. Where can he download it at?
  3. Got it working pretty good thank you! I noticed there was a 3.0 beta of duma os. Is there one for the xr300 ?
  4. After messing with it more and more I got it to pop up but it will not auto ping anything.
  5. the factory reset worked I think. I had the router working great over my home area in Pa. I started playing around with it today and changing it to different places to try different servers and I can no longer connect to my old server when I reset the geofilter back over Pa. Old past servers in Europe keep coming up as "allowed servers" but I do not have them in allowed. And nothing is popping up where I have it even though I know there is servers over here from before. I really do not want to factory reset everything again. Is there any other way to fix it? I tried flushing the cloud multiple times. I attached a picture below of what's going on.
  6. I just did. I will let you know how it works later when I try playing. Thanks again.
  7. Error: The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App.
  8. I dont think it works when I flush. it always gives me an error. and it still says I have allowed servers in other areas I use to have the geofilter set to even though I dont have any servers in my allow and deny box
  9. It wont let me flush i get an error everytime
  10. isnt the geofilter supposed to allow me to pick which server I want to play in tho? I just expanded it even more and the only server its allowing me to play in is Oklahoma? Not even Pennsylvania is popping up and I live there
  11. that server thing keeps popping up and going away tho and it wont put me in a game
  12. I attached the screenshot. I know there is servers over there but it will not put me in a game.
  13. Watsup Just got an XR300. I got it because my servers(Northeast U.S.) have been outrageously hard to play in and wanted to try some different servers to play against different people. I am having trouble finding matches on the west coast even with the geofilter set above 1000 miles. I think I have all the write filters on but it only wants to find servers in NE up around Pennsylvania where I live. I just want to play in less competitive warzone games instead of getting home from work and playing sweaty players every day. Any tips on how to fix this would be much appreciated.
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