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  1. Do you have an estimate for the next update's date? I could wait if it's not that long otherwise we should be sorting out a replacement
  2. It might have started when I had power outages but I can't tell you for sure, I didn't pay attention to it at first then it got reoccuring and more annoying, it only happens with my Netduma router, my downstairs router never loses connection
  3. I unticked WAN blocking and that did not seem to solve my loss of connection
  4. I got this error while in bridge mode by the way maybe you could figure out what went wrong. PS what settings should I turn off in the modem?
  5. Bridge mode doesn't seem to work for me, I had to reset my modem and put it on DMZ(it was on Dmz beforehand) and the connection losses are still happening
  6. Yes, but bridge mode doesnt seem to work for me when I last try, wifi just goes offline
  7. Should I private message u the log file? I have it now
  8. I'll try to do that and let you know if I can
  9. I'd say as often as before, it's just random..
  10. I'll do that right away and tell you if it happens less while I'm on throughout the day
  11. I think so yes, but its still happening a lot I dont really notice a difference
  12. Another update, the problem seems to be not fixed, the R2 ip is static now
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