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  1. cant play APEX LEGENDS anymore with R2 R2 is so bad ping with apex i don't want to be rude but We Already BETA TESTER why don't give us new update?
  2. i never check Network Monitor, but when i use r2 i got the issues i try change dns and give the ipad more download Bandwidth in Qos but didnt work only when i change it to computer on device manager.
  3. i dont know, thats the things i found and how i fix it. the ipad issues when twitch and youtube on 1080p i cant watch it on tablet (the fix is put my ipad as computer on device manager)
  4. 1.Bandwidth Allocation download even what every % i put it take the 100% speed only if i set it as computer on device manager. 2.Apex Legends on pc the severs are far away from me so i get (100-130 on QoS Auto-Enable) and (130-170 on QoS always) i try rest the ruter and factry reset and Traffic Prioritization for Apex Legends but i get some result so i think is a bug. and i forgot to say if i put me iPad on tablet in device manager i get slows speed.
  5. (i am on last update 3.0.179) 1-you have to put your console to computer in device manager or the router will not apply QoS to them. 2-if you set your QoS as always it give you higher ping (set it as Auto-Enable ). 3- between 1-2 weeks the router will froze and does not give the internet to any device lan or wifi (you have to reset it ). (sorry if me English is bad)
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