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  1. Thank you for taking the time to help me.I will try what you suggested later but even as it is the speeds are better and the mesh is set up so I took a step in the right direction anyway which is a good change anyway,haha
  2. Ha thanks very much for the help and everything we fail at is just another chance to learn and improve so hopefully I can do that here.
  3. Ha yeah no offence taken this is not somthing I have any experience with at all and I'm sure for experts like yourself it is frustrating trying to tell me what to do but I just bought the router for the increased speeds and the mesh support, I thought I would just plug it in and it work and If I knew this would of happened I would of chose another model and maybe I am just better off returning it, Thanks everyone for your time and sorry for being an annoyance.
  4. So you reckon there is no way to just remove the F2000 from the link?
  5. Yeah F2000 works it just works poorly im fairly sure its slowing down speeds and every few days I need to reset it as it gets so slow, I hooked it up to the XR and now the Internet works on the XR but obviously ideally I would like to remove the F2000 from this chain
  6. This is what I have and I'm not sure where to put any of the numbers,I covered the numbers as I'm not sure if its safe to post them or what the story is
  7. Yeah I'm not sure none of the names i have seem to match those and I had to reconnect the Internet for somone to do some work,I will have to try again later, its hard work when you haven't a clue what you are at,thanks again for the help
  8. OK somehow it went through this time,what next?
  9. Not sure if this information is of any help
  10. OK I hit next it asked me for username and password and then it just sent me back to the start again where it asks auto setup manual or saved
  11. I saw you message about resting after I posted that,so I reset and hit auto and this is what comes up there is no option to skip
  12. OK I have this now the router disconnected there for some reason
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