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  1. Hello, Whats the advantage of choosing polygon/distance mode vs ping assist? For example,shouldn't be enough to select a ping assist of 40ms and then the router will find you the best possible server/connection? Can somebody explain the advantages and disadvantages of polygon/distance mode and ping assist,but not something like "see what works best for you":) Thanks Rusty
  2. Yes, but now except my ps4 who is conected to R2 all my other devices(30+) are conected to the ISP router.This was only a test, at your suggestion, to give r2 a static IP. Should I switch back to bridge mode and re-connect everything back to R2? Thanks
  3. Hi Ok I did and the wifi connection hold for 24 hours.What should I do next? Switch back to bridge mode,while I keep the reserved IP for the R2? Thank you
  4. It works when the ISP is not in bridge mode,but as soon as I turn on bridge mode on the ISP router I loose the internet connection on the R2. Later edit: I lost the internet connection after 20 minutes,even with the ISP router not in bridge mode...
  5. Ok,I ll try that when I ll get home,but tell me how should I connect the 2 routers for this test? Should I use the same ports as in bridge mode,meaning WAN port R2 and normal port for the ISP router? Thank you
  6. Hi, I did restarted the ISP router a few times,unfortunately my internet its still not working. Why the internet stopped working suddenly,without doing nothing on the settings? I just disconected the R2 and now I am using the ISP router only.This is the second R2,I had the same problem with the first one, among others. Have no idea what to do next...
  7. HI Zippy, I went through the setup wizard again on R2 and I also replaced the ISP router in bridge mode...I cannot get an internet connection...WAN IP Disconected.
  8. Hi, Everything worked fine for 2 weeks,however today suddenly I lost the internet connection. It says on Network Status: WAN IP Disconected I did a factory reset a few times on the ISP router(Helix2 Videotron)and also on the R2...nothing. It worked fine with the ISP router on Bridge mode. What should I do? Thanks Rusty
  9. Ok,I ve send you the email. Thanks
  10. Yes,I spent hours on the phone with many of my ISP (old and new) technicians,they all say that the R2 is the problem.Tell me how to proceed with the replacement. Thank you
  11. Yes,I spent hours on the phone with many of my ISP (old and new) technicians,they all say that the R2 is the problem.Tell me how to proceed with the replacement. Thank you
  12. No,I did not had a previous router prior to R2.I had a previous ISP that I changed thinking that the ISP is the problem... After trying many things the whole day,I could not even get an internet connection no more....I disconnected the R2 and connected all my devices to the ISP router... Once again I am asking if I could get a replacement cause it's evident that this router that was shipped to me in October is faulty... Thank you
  13. No change,now I lost the internet connection...I restarted a million times,I did a factory reset on both routers,nothing... i think this router its defective, since I got it I only had problems.I even change the ISP thinking that the old ISP is the problem... Can I have replacement? Thank you
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