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  1. If my modem is showing DumaOS in the backend and in the 'extras' tab, should my app be working or am I waiting for the update to be made available?
  2. Hi Fraser, That update you were speaking about has not come through as yet on either IOS or Android. Is it coming close or shall I wait some more time?
  3. Thanks for the update, still waiting on both Android and IOS for the update to come through; maybe tomorrow morning?
  4. Hey Fraser, Just a quick update since you posted, I've tried logging in again and it's still giving me that error message 'Could Not Reach Server!' is this still normal since it should be working? Jonnyboy0022
  5. Hey TJW, Netduma Fraser recommended that I should put my name down for the BETA. If I can be added that would be amazing. Jonnyboy0022
  6. Hey Hsimah, I haven't changed anything, I left everything as it was because I didn't want to make things too complicated and why fix something that isn't broken LOL I might try it on android and see if that works since I have both devices at home and let you know when I have an answer. No change on my Samsung S10+
  7. Hi Mannrs, thanks for getting in contact. Yes I can access the web interface via the backend of my modem. My question to the Telstra team was whether I had the ability to access the application e.g. DumaOS outside of the house when I'm not on my Telstra home internet or does it only work when I'm directly connected? They couldn't give me a direct answer to this either; so if you could that would be super helpful! Yeah, so, the login issue is only present with the app and they kept telling me its because my 'modem' is only working with the BETA and not Alpha version, so now I'm totally confused....
  8. So do I need to be patient and this will be fixed automatically or do I need to do anything whilst I wait?
  9. Thanks for the reply, so I’ve tried that multiple times and it just says ‘Server cannot be reached’ and I’m typing it all the username and password details that are available from the bottom of my Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2. I've been in contact with Telstra and they are saying that my modem is only applicable with your BETA and because my app is alpha that could be the problem; could you confirm whether this is accurate or not?
  10. I'm just recently added the DumaOS to my Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 with Telstra but for some reason the username and password whilst I'm connected the wifi is not allowing me to connect to DumaOS IOS app, it just says "cannot connect to server". What is the solution around this?
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