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  1. I’ve sorted it now. Factory reset the netduma 3 times then reset the modem and now it works. thanks for all your input
  2. I had it in modem mode but nothing worked. Have you got a picture of the setup of the modem and router wires
  3. That’s the bit I’m confused with. trying to find a video or a help page so I can get it working. move since reset the router again and when the interface starts up it’s saying it cannot find a internet connection so now I’m lost
  4. It adds the device but no internet on the device
  5. Hi pal. no setup wizard came up all I’m struggling with is the router won’t let the WiFi devices work I’m on the super hub 3 from virgin
  6. Hi guys Very new to this the booklet isn’t the best tbf for help Need help on the netduma r2 got into the interface but no internet is being received or transmitted. My pc has internet but nothing in WiFi many help at all please
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