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  1. So what would this look like in the port forward section in router for each Xbox where the external port Wanted by Call of Duty MW would be 3075 for both Xbox’s?
  2. Doing this then leaves me vulnerable to threats correct? There's got to be another option then just this. Is it not possible to do this in the router, and in the xbox I cannot choose the port 3075 from the list. I cant even choose 3074.
  3. Netgear Nighthawk XR500 I am very frustrated with having two xbox one's at the house and either one getting strict and one getting open or both moderate (or it seems sometimes a complete mix of all of them). When playing any Call of Duty game (two on MW or one MW and the other BlOps 4), there is always an issue. Right now with Modern Warfare the port needing to be used is 3075. This is for both Xbox's. However, because both cannot go to the specified port this is where the problem plagues me and our gaming house. I always find one of the Xbox has an external ip of <XBOX_1 Internal Xbox IP>:1024 and Internal IP of <XBOX_2 Internal Xbox IP>:3075 ** Please note I've only seen it use 1024, but its possible it could use others. ** The next step, I set both xbox to have static IPs based on the MAC address. Even though UPNP is on for my router this didn't allow the right ports to be allocated and the reason for this is a breakdown in communication from the COD servers and the router. My router was assigning a port like 3384, which was not being picked up by the game itself for the 2nd xbox. This isnt 100% an issue with the game, but seems to be some breakdown in communication? *** I need the ability or steps on how to tell this router to assign the IP the specific External Port to change to the specific internal port. So I would have it set up as follows in the router somewhere: - Add a port forwarding rule for external port 3075 to <XBOX_1 internal IP> 3075 In game would reflect external IP:3075, internal IP:3075 - Add a port forwarding rule for external port 1024 to forward to <XBOX_2 Internal IP> 3075 In game would reflect external IP:1024, internal IP:3075 Any time I try to add the same port onto a different IP I get a stupid error, this port is already being used by another What I need help with is basically doing a manual task which UPNP should be able to do. I do not know how to get this to work inside the router. Can someone explain to me? Please help.
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