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  1. Would i have to manually set port every time i turn on the xbox? because i did something similar to this and it'll go back to double nat every time i would turn the xbox back on.
  2. Well when i turn on the UPnP on the R2 it goes back to Moderate Nat Double Nat Detected. Should I manual port fowarding the same Source: 1-65535 Destination: 1-65535 TCP/UDP on the R2? And should i have the R2 DMZ to the Mofi or the Xbox DMZ to the R2?
  3. The R2 setup is still standard the only thing i change is turning off the Upnp other than that everything should be the same as when it first came out of the box. Is there anything i need to change on the R2 because everytime i start up my xbox its always showing up Moderate Nat. It wont change to open until I test the Nat twice only then i can obtain open nat type.
  4. Ok i did exactly that and it change the nat type to open but when i restart the xbox it went back to double nat. Edit: Ok i look at the settings on the R2 and notice when i hard reset the R2 it had turn the UPNP back on so i turned it off and now it switching between Open Nat to Moderate Nat type (UpnP not successful) on my Xbox.
  5. Just put the Xbox IP in the R2 DMZ and its still showing that i have Double Nat. I port foward the Xbox port on the Mofi and still shows double nat then i tried it on the R2 after and still have the same problem.
  6. I've been having problem with the nat type on my xbox. Its showing that i currently have a Moderate Nat with double NAT detected. Im currently useing a Mofi4500 broadband router which use a sim card. Ive put the wan IP of the R2 into the DMZ of the mofi and turn off the upnp also. I tried putting the Mofi4500 on IP passthrough/bridge mode but that didnt work either. At this point i dont really have a clue on how to get the nat type to open.
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