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  1. Would it be nice to have a ceiling bandwidth allocation on QOS for devices or applications even with sharing excess turned on. Today only have the optional to share with all or not.
  2. ISP Modem(Bridge Mode) -> R2(dhcp wan ip)-> devices(Wifi)
  3. @Netduma Fraser, I have done all the steps below and still the internet connection loses, the wifi never drops, only internet connection, at least once a day: - disabled mirror setting 2.4g/5g - set DHCP leasing time 168H - all devices have static IPs - disabled Synflood protection - tried different channels and frequencies on wifi - swap between encryption modes wpa etc.. I go to sleep and on the next day always my cellphone has no internet connection and so as my wife. Different cellphones and both there is this message on the wifi icon up screen. Any suggestion or firmware that I could try using? Tks
  4. Will try that. To me it looks like everytime the leasing ends, the device should make a new request again by disconnecting the wifi and connecting again. It seems that the router is not doing it automatically, will try to set all my devices on static IP and observe it as well.
  5. lol.. here also dude.. my GF can't use her cellphone because it keeps dropping her after a few hours. She keeps annoying me(with reason)
  6. Here is the same too. Wifi keeps disconnecting from internet, have to disable and enable at least twice a day even my dhcp leasing time set for 3 dy
  7. Yeah I know, i will use the switch to connect my PS4 only. There I can manage customizable fq_codel and see whether it gives more results. Will do a trade off analyses. Still struggling with warzone(combination of bad servers and ISP issues). A good thing to add on future dumaOs 3.0 updates are bandwidth limiters to devices or apps but enabling share excess to ones you've chosen.
  8. Hi guys, How set up R2 as AP? I will manage ttaffic control on a switch and would like to R2 to connect wifi devices only. Tks!
  9. Unfortunately still not displaying on heatmap, there are two ips from maxhost. and Those are based in my state but N/A ms.
  10. Same old world wide ISP's behaviors... I had to struggle a lot with mine. My route was IPV4 NAT routing type, they have changed.
  11. Try call your ISP and request for route changes. Sometimes they can do it without issues or optimize it, forward to them some servers IP and ask for routes with less hops.
  12. I believe it's related to ISP route as well. Too many hops the packets goes through until the endpoint, it should affects in game performance, considering UDP protocols, and not only the ping.
  13. Sure, I think my packets are travelling to lot of hops before getting to its endpoint, routing issues, a subject I'm exhausted discussing with my ISP. Which is CLARO NET. I have notice enabling QOS + Traffic Prio and lowering my gaming bandwidth has improved a lot the hit reg and aim assist real time. Now playing with 4mb down and 1 mb up. PING still varieties from 40-60ms, no packet loss and once and while packet burst signs(3 yellow squares) when it used to pop up every 30s on my screen.
  14. @Andpodepah, I believe we facing some weird issues on Brazlians servers. Altought geo filter is locked to find matches within the polygon area(Brazil) in my case, it turned out connecting as peer somewheres in North America. Was used to play within 35ms-50ms now I'm getting 60ms-80ms.
  15. I'll try later but since past weekend it doesn't display any servers near by. @Netduma Fraser, believe something related to ISP or IPv6 config? Not sure why my heat map isn't displaying as it should. Regards,
  16. @Andpodepah Are you able to find South American servers on heat map? Cheers
  17. That will depend on the application. In general PS network: TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 UDP: 3478, 3479 Warzone, you can try: UDP:3074 Destination(30000:45000) or just 3074-3074
  18. I don't believe the red marks will go off then. Try to focus on hit register experiences, if you feel it's getting more accurate then stick to this config. Other thing is input lag experience. If you are playing on a TV or non gamer monitor, set the HDR off and any other image filter that it might be set up. You can try on a TV change from game mode to PC mode(displaying the raw image from HDMI)
  19. Nope.. geo filter doesn't variate. Not a bufferbloat issue then?
  20. @Andpodepah, Try following @tehwayne prioritization on page 1 and see if it's works I follow your channel on YouTube, great material. Cheers mate.
  21. Hi Guys, I have the same thing here in Brazil, on geo filter I got 12-20ms but in game got 50-60ms. I've noticed when I started landing some shots it increases to 70 or 80ms and I lose some fights which I pre-fire my opponent. Not sure whether it's due bufferbloat(increasing the packets to server) or server heathy connection. When I run "auto run" on qos., it sets my downloading speed limit to 3% and upload to 93%. I have 200mb/s down and 20mb/s up.
  22. Hi Fraser, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I can reach some on the geo filter. Usually goes for 50-60ms. Trying to get optimal through heat map on the ones that gets 30ms. I'll try later on and share with you. Tks.
  23. Hello Friends, Playing Warzone from Brazil, I've just got the R2 Router and notice the absence of South America Warzone's Servers. I know there is two located near my state and I've seen displayed on others streamers videos, however, when I request to ping Warzone it just doesn't show them. North America and Europe displays normally. I notice some serves shown as "N/A ms" on servers list. Any quests? Here is a pic. Thank you!
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