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  1. i dident opgrade i installed the latest firmvare on your page in hope to get the router to work problye it had som bugs and nov its dead nomatter what you do it can vork as a normal router but you cant come in to adjust anything
  2. im sorry to say but i have tryed that about sitting reset take pover reset i tryed and it vasent a opgrade i nev that i did it in hope that my router vill do better i can see nov i dont think i ever getting this to work it a sad thing but all that you write to try to reset and so i tryed fore many houres it not just 1 time i tryed its fore many houres
  3. hey ok i vrite it 1 more time v 3.0.123 its the one to use vhid netdema r2 and yes i have tryed all that is possible to do nothing vorks it cant be reset i cant get in it vorks as a router you cant acces
  4. hej no i dident unplug the router i gave et the newest firmvare that vas on this side you never gave me an opdate i tryede to opdate the firmvare i had som trobles i hoped it fix it and i started good and vrote vait 2 min ok i vated 30 to 45 min nothing happened so took the pover to the router and then pluged it in again and then i vas cut of the router nomatter vhat i tryed and i have tryed alot nothing vorks i cant com in my router the netdumar r2 i only get this message and i have tryed all about unplug reset cleare catche cokies an d alot more remove all my netvork install again i can only get the netduma to vork as a router you cant acces haserl CGI Error Failed to readline from 'config get DumaOS_Theme_Version' i hoped that you have somthing that can help me a program to get in mvh flemming
  5. when it starts up power then internet and connetion to pc and then vireless its stock in ruter mode so it works as router but you cant get in to change things even not if you resets on alll thinkbare modes 30 sek then 30- 30- 30 i have tryed the most
  6. i have cleared my history and used ccleaner to clean all it dont help
  7. well i have tryed all that also i cant get in the ruter
  8. hej i used the latest 1 v 3.0.123 the 1 fore netdma r2 and nov i cant get in the router you dont have a program to force it ore somthing i have tryed all reset taken the pover 24 ouers i cant connet via brouser
  9. haserl CGI Error Failed to readline from 'config get DumaOS_Theme_Version' i get this message and i have tryed all i think it happened after i tryed to update firmvare i dident never com back
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