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  1. No it didn’t crash works fine just to let you know
  2. Yes I can’t get to the app And it happened more then once
  3. I was thinking about this because I was not complaining at all 😂😂but once I leave the lobby they can see the difference with fight 1v1 I was even thinking about sbmm but I don’t Know how to explain this
  4. No it’s not laggy we are playing call off duty and they can’t basically kill enemies when I playing with them but when I leave they have better connection and better shutting I know it’s stupid
  5. Yes I have Nat open they have moderate we all with Bt broadband
  6. Hi I have a bit stupid question Every time when I’m playing with friends they have really bad connection playing with me but if I leave in the middle of the game connection is better for them is it anything in r2 what I could have set wrong? I did try with geofilter on and off and they still can’t play when we are in the same lobby so basically I can’t play with my friends any suggestions?
  7. Omg I don’t know they told me someone is going to come connect the fibre cable from the box outside to my house and they going to change to socket inside the house is this mean I can plug r2 straight in to the socket on the wall? I don’t know what type of connection that will be
  8. Hi Fraser can ask you something? I will be upgrading my broadband with Bt to full fibre optic with 150 gb download speed so optic cable will go to my house do I have to change any settings on r2 or start again with factory reset? and the last one is can I still use my white modem or connect Bt router and then r2?
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