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  1. Sorry, I have just deleted it and add it again and it just worked ! ( the geo filter ) . also the the high priority traffic detected it. I think no problem now .
  2. Hi , I noticed that the geo filter is not working at all on my PS5 . ( attached a picture what it says when I turn it on) also I think the high priority traffic detection does not detect my PS5 . Anyone facing the same problem ?
  3. Does my phone need to be connected to the R2 all day ? Or it doesn’t matter ?
  4. Let me know when he will exactly try to access ( if possible ) please ...
  5. Everything is ready now ... ( this message is while I’m connected to the r2 )
  6. I believe the real problem is that I don’t know how and when you trying to connect to my router ! For example do i need to send messages here when I’m connected to my R2 ? You need to tell me when you are trying to access my router ! Because for example the router ( might) be switched off or not connected to the internet ! ( might be the issue you are having ) also you need tell me how you can access my router ? For example is just knowing my wan iP enough? What if someone else have the same ? for example is it possible that you don’t need to know my R2 MAC and serial number ? I really have no idea on when exactly you are trying to access and how ? Which I think is the issue here ...
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