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  1. Bro it’s been 15 days and my Serious problem Is not fixed until now I’m suffering here !
  2. Yes I have done all of that, the remote is enabled . and the WAN IP of the r2 which is is on the upstream router DMZ
  3. Bro this is ridiculous it’s been many days has passed . I have a serious problem that need to be fixed here ! this is affecting the My r2 result on the QoS seriously!
  4. Bro No reply until now ? in case you don’t know your customer is also busy ! I have tried everything! The r2 is continuously showing only 100mbits max on the network map for the wan/internet port only ! what is the way to solve this issue ! Please this is affecting my work also !
  5. Sometimes 40mpbs sometimes 90mbps but never above 100mbps since it’s the limit. When I test on speed test when connecting to the netduma it shows 90 to 99 mbps speed !! The r2 is limiting the max speed .
  6. No one contacted me until now ... when they Will contact me ?
  7. I already told you I did that and the same thing happened!!!
  8. Whether I connect the r2 to the huawei router or the linkys velop it keep showing 100mbits max !!
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