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  1. Adding a "delete all" button for offline devices is ok. But that puts overhead on whoever wants to manage the network. As I stated in my recommendations, having a parameter so offline devices auto-delete with lease expiration or based off of how long they've been offline would be ideal. Then whoever is managing the network can set it and let the router handle that aspect. A delete all button, means I have to log in every so often and do it.
  2. Device CleanUp Recommendations I'm posting recommendations for the DumaOS team for device cleanup. I have a lot of devices that comes onto my xr700 from friends and visiters. Sometimes it appears I get latency with QOS on and the device list is saturated. Even when I have 3 devices set to priority, they have latency. My recommendation would be to have Device List CleanUp linked to devices leases. So when a lease expires, that device is deleted from list if the lease is not renewed. Recommended change(s) - Devices on Device list linked to lease expiration. - Devices list has it's own expiration parameter. So I can manually set, indepent of leases. i.e. 24, 48, or 72hrs - Device list has a parameter that deletes devices from list based on how long they've been "offline" **Note online/offline doesn't dynamically update. I've had devices listed offline when they're online and vis versa
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