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  1. My PC is around a year old, it was a high-end one at the time of purchase. I actually tried a few more things in the meantime: Made all these adjustments, tried multiple TCP optimizer setups. Tested VPN (ExpressVPN, since they have a server in my city and said to be the fastest) for a few days as well. I tried these plus everything I previously mentioned in the Cold War beta too. I had rather high hopes for CW, since I heard that for some players Infinity Ward and Treyarch titles can greatly differ in connection quality. Unfortunately, despite everything I tried, both MW and CW are equally unplayable for me. I would say that CW is probably even worse, which may be due to it's only being a beta, but still I haven't seen many people experience these problems to this extent. Made a summary video about the issues I met, which isn't even a cherry picked compilation - this is basically how every match in the beta looked like for me. At this point I'm not even sure that there's a solution to this problem, other than trying to play from a different place, as I start to believe it's simply a regional thing and there's no way I can make it work from the place I currently live in.
  2. @Netduma Fraser Honestly I don't think fixing that tiny bit of jitter will help when I feel like I'm half a second behind the server as it is visible in the first few clips of the video. What I think so far with all the testing I made is that there is a problem with the routing of the ISP. I got a comment like this on youtube and it made me wonder. I'm not an expert of the topic so any suggestion is welcome. Here is the screenshot of the comment: What do you think?
  3. @Alex49H Thanks for making this clear!
  4. @Netduma Fraser The benchmark is not affected by QoS so I dont understand what you mean. This is my latest benchmark result.
  5. @Netduma Fraser After finding the best percentages for congestion control on DSL reports I found what seems to be the best. I made 10 additional DSL report tests with the seemingly best settings and the results vary quite much as far as ping spikes go. Could you tell me if this is a regular thing to happen, or should I try to do something about it? If so, what would you suggest? I include a picture about two different results with the same settings.
  6. I don't get this comment, isn't the whole reason of this forum to try and find solutions to connection-related problems? Do you honestly think that the BS in the video is a normal thing to have in every match? I know that it isn't like this for the majority of players, not to this extent at least. I see good and bad players running around with perfect connections, and I myself would like to do everything in my power to better my gaming experience. BTW I play almost exclusively GW, so SBMM isn't really a factor.
  7. @DanyKTM Every time I change something I test it for like 2 hours. I dont understand why ghost bullets aren't my side. Your upload is your bullets isn't it? Bullet ghosting for me is a regular thing, you could say I experience it almost every match, while for most players, as far as I know, it rarely ever happens.
  8. @Mobel Congestion control auto-setup doesn't work for me. i get this error message: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setHoverStyle' of null" I also made a post about it in the R2 section. I gonna give Your DNS tip a go now, thanks.
  9. @Netduma Fraser I get the same ping in game as shown by the geo filter. My connection benchmark dows not always work for some reason. Here is a screenshot when it worked:
  10. Did the tests with and without QoS on. With QoS on i changed the sliders 10% at a time to see what is best. Got inconsistent results. I play on PC. DHCP connection curretly but tried it with PPPoE too when ISP gateway was bridged. Upnp was enabled. I was told DNS does not affect gaming at all. (Battlenonsense yt video) In R2 I changed basicaly nothing its in vanilla mode currently. Did a factory reset 2 days ago. Game is unplayable.
  11. Hi Everyone! I’ve had quite severe connection issues in MW 2019, that noticeably got worse as the game progressed with its seasons. At this point I can hardly play a single match that isn’t full of instadeaths, bulletghosting and overall bad hitreg. I even made a Youtube video that summarizes it rather well (it aims to be funny, but obviously enjoying the game like this is hard). These are the things I tried so far to make it better (in chronological order): I made a manual portforwarding for cod. I switched to a different ISP. I bought an R2, switched the ISP gateway to bridge mode. (tried it without bridge mode aswell) No R2 setting like QoS, traffic prio, geo filter helped so far. Called the ISP many times, they say its all fine from their end. They even came to my house to revise my setup multiple times. My only lead is the ping spikes I get from dsl reports. The results are vastly inconsistent, I make a test one moment and get perfect results, make another right after and I get ping spikes as high as 600 ms, no matter how I tweak my congestion control sliders. BTW I'm the only one useing the internet at the time of doing these tests. Any suggestions?
  12. No, the test does not complete after clicking ok, the error message pops up again and again and again until I cancel the test. Nothing apears when I hover over the box. The setup: ISP gateway in bridge mode connected to R2 (PPPoE), my PC connected to R2. Connection benchmark suddenly started to work, earlier when I clicked the run test button nothing happened and after like 5 minutes I got 3 D grades or nothing at all. The speed I get seems completely off, and it also shows ping spikes. Here is a screenshot:
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