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  1. How do i obtain the ipv4 and 6 host my modem says it needs those ips
  2. I have UPNP on the R2 on. My modem is just the xfinity modem.
  3. Hi all, I need some help I have the NETDUMA R2 router and it works only half of the time.. when it works it is a God send but when its not it can be so annoying at times. I'm having an issue with my xbox ones NAT type. It either says "Getting Info" or "unavailable". I thought this was a problem with internet as my R2 is plugged into my ISP modem without any bridging involved. So last night I plugged in my XR500 and it worked fine! No NAT type issues! Then I was curious, so I updated my XR500 to the new DumaOS 3.0 beta software and when I did my xbox could not obtain a NAT type. So im wondering is this an issue with the firmware or do I need to do something on the backend. Please Help!! I love my R2 but this has been an issue. Thank you
  4. Hi all, When does a new firmware update come out for the R2? I already have the latest version (R2 3.0.123) Nothing is wrong with this update I'm just wondering when a new update will be available to the public. Thanks!! 😁
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