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  1. yea lan is amazing and getting full speed its really weird as no other router had this issue
  2. hey there, So i just done that and seem to be getting around 30-40mb now which is better but still strange
  3. Hey guys so i have a xr700 wifi speed is amazing downstairs but as soon as i go upstairs it goes from 800mb to around 5-10mb i am drectly above the router so it is not a big distance maybe 10 meters max from the router to my phone if i was to cut a line in the floor. Some settings i have are: enabled smart mode to bond 2.4ghz and 5ghz enabled implicit beamforming enabled mu-mimo CTS/RTS 2347 disabled ipv6 preamble mode: auto transmit power 100% if anyone has any idea or settings that could be changed let me know as iv never had an issue like this before with any other routers.
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