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  1. There at least on the surface may be a time component and its a bit soon since the last occurrence. I have an XR500 in bridge mode wired in, an unmanaged switch. Xbox, ipdad, iphone, dell laptop, Lenovo laptop, two av receivers. Three wireless thermostats... two carrier and one nest.... RInnai control r. Nintendo switch. Lutron hub for their smart switches. The only new item is an inkbird wireless temp controller.
  2. When I try to login it keeps prompting me for the login information via the login box. The only solution to getting the router to behave was reset it to factory settings and start all over. Il try to re-update the firmware this weekend.
  3. No joy. I can't get past the authentication prompt. I am still on: XR1000 Is there a new version that I am missing?
  4. Hey guys: @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Liam I started having the same problems that I experienced in the original post on March the 6th and it looks like my only option is to restore the router to factory settings. At the rate we are going I am looking at a hard factory re-set of the router every 2.5 to 3 months. Also, once I reset the router It doesn't let me login. I can still connect to the internet however I get disconnected frequently and performance is poor. To have to do a factor reset this frequently is frustrating. Is there some information that I can get you off my router to help you troubleshoot and fix? Failed to readline from 'config get DumaOS_Theme_Version'
  5. Traffic controller didn't seem to work for me at all, no matter what I did. It wasn't blocking any kind of traffic at all no matter what I did. I put some rules in place and then moved on to the next problem that I had. About a month latter, almost to the day my son was having problems getting to some of the content required by the school and since I had not made any changes to the router I assumed it was just the internet acting up. It turns out that the content blocking was working sporadically on the router. My understanding is that the traffic controller won't block https traffic, which much of the traffic is, so the traffic controller isn't really an option. I am out of luck for my purposes since the router won't let me do what I want and I don't control the schools Chromebook to be able to block content on the device. After the most recent factory reset to address other problems I can try again but I am not sure it will do what I want. I suppose if my kid tries to use the chromebook after hours I can block all content to the device after school but I have not had that issue yet.
  6. Its Verizon Fios..... I can try but I don't have confidence that it will be any more useful than talking to a well.
  7. The error is gone, however I had to factory reset the router twice to get it back into a working state.
  8. Fios box in my basement with a 25 foot run of CAT6 up to the router which is in a large cabinet (size of a fridge) that is empty and ventilated. There is a 20 foot run to a switch in the basement which goes to a non managed switch. The non managed switch runs to a handful of ethernet ports around the house. Plugged into one port is an XR500 on the other side of the house which is in AP mode. Its a bit kludge but the house was wired by the previous owners and some interesting choices were made. Still, nothing about the physical set up is remarkable. The temps in the cabinet where the router is located stays about 85 degrees. Is that what your looking for?
  9. Hi Fraser. I cleared the browsers cache and used another browser. The firmware version is: XR1000 which as far as I can see is the latest. Between about 2:45 am and 7:30 am, the router just stopped working. I know the time frame because I had a work related call that ended at 2:45 and I tired to use the internet at 7:30 when got up for my day. I was able to get the router back in working order by resetting it to factory settings but I had to do it twice before the router was working. Is this likely a software issue or a hardware issue? Do I need to get on the phone with Netgear? Michael
  10. I get the below error after the router (XR 1000) reboots. the dashboard doesn't load, i only get this error. Any thoughts? haserl CGI Error Failed to readline from 'config get DumaOS_Theme_Version'
  11. One last question if you don't mind. With being remote related to school, my 8 year old has a Chromebook that is the schools which means I can't lock it down any further than they already have. I am looking to block youtube traffic. The traffic controller won't specifically let me bock traffic to an ip or a specific website. Am I missing something?
  12. Thanks. Its not loading for some reason. No ad blocker in DumaOS yet? I don't see it..
  13. Thanks Fraser. Is this traffic controller in the DUMA OS or a separate application. Thanks, Michael
  14. Anyone have any feedback on why content blocking is not working. I enter in the websites and apply but sometimes they block and other times they don't. Even after rebooting the router the sites are not blocked. Also, any way to block content by mac address?
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