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  1. I just returned the xr500 router today and kept the R2. I didn't know there was an open beta. Otherwise I would've kept the xr500 because I heard the hardware on it is better
  2. I'm still having the same problem. Tomorrow I will upload a video on youtube and have you watch and listen to it with a headset. I noticed the sound is much more amplified on the R2 than the xr500. The game play on the R2 seems like it's 10% faster where I'm not seeing any blur. There's no lag whatsoever in those games before I have the issue. Even the recorded game play is a little slower than what I'm actually seeing. The Xr500 makes me feel like I'm in an artificial environment where there isn't lag and is a little more stable but I prefer playing on my R2. I really hope we can figure this out.
  3. I've taken all devices offline and tried just playing the ps4 connected through lan and it still does the same thing. This morning I went out and picked up an xr500 at best buy and I've been playing for 2 hours and there are slight frequencies that I hear but not as bad as the R2. TBH. I like the R2 much more. Idk if it's the software behind the R2 thats allowing it to function better. As Netgear xr500 is a bigger company where they maybe limited to setting their software to a one size fits all. I've seen a post where you said that the xr500's hardware is better but I've done a comparison on gameplay and I can clearly say that the R2 functions better for me. I will contact netduma's customer service and see if they will replace my R2. I really don't think it's the settings that can fix my problem. I personally believe it's the continuous huge loads that the R2 takes on that's causing my router to bug out and it doesn't recover unless I power cycle. Like I said I maybe the few % that maybe having some hardware issues and I'm willing to give the R2 another shot.
  4. The power cable is pushed in all the way and I tried connecting the power directly to the outlet. I'm still having the same issue. This is getting frustrating. I'm at the point where I'm done messing with this. It's been an issue since day 1 and that's the reason I started using the connection benchmark to test for speeds. This is suppose to be plug and play with added options to prioritize your game play. I've spent many hours trying to troubleshoot this problem and I'm just chasing my tail here. If this product was stable at all times and I needed to reboot the router ever now and then I'm fine with it, but I've decided that I want to return this product and get a refund. Can you PM me and I'll give you my order number. I really appreciate your hard work with helping me trying to troubleshoot the problem. Thank you
  5. Can you send me a picture to verify the power adaptor. I'm connected to a phillips surge protector
  6. This has been happening since the first day I got the router. I'm hearing intermitting crackling sounds while I'm gaming and I can see the cpu in DumaOS spike. I honestly believe I have a faulty R2 router. I've never experienced this before on my R7000 netgear router.
  7. The ping starts off around 23 - 25 ms, 24-28 ms of ul, 1.08 jitters. And this is during load while I'm playing after a fresh boot. Gameplay is fantastic but at times during certain encounters with the enemy I hear a sound distortion but all bullets register. After 5 games of classic mix the distortion sound happens (sounds like your at a concert but then the speaker goes off because of power loss) more frequently and the game play begins to slightly go from clean crisp fps to a slightly choppy fps. And the sound from my headphones sounds distant. When I check the ping again "dl 25-28, ul 26-29, jitters 1.80-3.3. I know this is not much change but there seems to be more noise on the graph on the DL, up and jitters. It seems like the router is being overloaded. When I check the geofiltering location on the map destiny 2 will not connect me to the server near me. It keeps connecting to the server in california as I'm from central location. I flush cloud and the same thing. Still connecting to California server. I reboot ps4 log back in and still not allowed to connect to the closest server near me and the sound from my head phone is still distant. When I reboot my modem and router, all of that goes away.
  8. Today I turned on my ps4 console and logged into DumaOS. Dashboard loads up fine but when I go to the geofiltering tab it won't load. I attached an error message to this post. I've tried rebooting my modem and R2 router and disabled qos to see if that may have affected it and it's still not loading. Any suggestions? Maybe factory reset?
  9. @Netduma Fraser The ping on the connection benchmark is accurate? Just wanna make sure bc I been chasing my own tail for the past few days because I used the connection benchmark speed test to test my speed and I thought there was a problem with the network provider as I was only receiving 400 mbs dl. After a few days of going crazy, I did some research and found out your product was giving me false readings. I didn't have a laptop that was capable of testing for gig speeds as that was my fault. I understand there are working stages to make everyone happy. This is the best gaming experience I've had so far bc geo filtering does help a lot. I'll keep you updated on my findings. Quick question though. I'm connected through wifi and sometimes I'm unable to reach certain websites. It says dns not found
  10. I purchased net duma r2 last week and followed all your instructions for optimal settings for gaming. Qos is set on as always with % set to 70. I'm currently playing destiny 2. The problem I'm having is that after a power cycle the game play is very smooth and crisp for the first few matches and then after that it just goes down hill. Is there something I can set to fix this issue without having to keep power cycling to receive smooth game play?
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