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  1. Setup wizard never came up when I connect the router. I had internet connection on my desktop wired in. I haven’t been able to connect to WiFi, continues to say wrong password. Reset the router and have unplugged it and now I can’t connect on my desktop and WiFi continues to not work..... please contact me as I believe I have a defective router.
  2. Im having the same issue. I connected my router, I do have internet connection, but am unable to access the interface.... The setup wizard never prompted. I guess ill have to hook up my old router for now as I need this for work tomorrow. Disappointed and frustrated at how much of a pain this setup is. many hours of trying to set this up my experience just got worse. I reset and unplugged the router numerous times including my modem. I entered the IP address manually, and I only also lost connection wired into my desktop. i did however unplug all other devices from the router, and not able to connect to the WiFi, noticed that when I plugged back in my 1 Ethernet cable to my desktop into port 1, the light for port four lite up. When I plugged it into port two, port light three lite up, and when plugged into port 3, port two lite up. I do believe my router is defective. Thankfully I didn’t purchase a new router because my old one didn’t work. I hooked that back up so I could work tomorrow 😛 I would still love to give this router a try! Hopefully I can get a replacement and have a great experience!! I even called my tech buddy who knows everything about computer and I won’t say what he said, but he said I should try and return it.
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