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  1. I need some help, I bought this a week ago set it up was having substantially higher ping then my ISB modem/router combo I play on Ethernet fibre direct to home 1k up and 1k down internet from Bell Canada with a Home Hub 3000. Typically would get 15-19ms ping in warzone with the R2 and all the geo settings priority to my PC and was getting like 28-30 ms which to me is unacceptable since i primarily bought it to get even lower ping. Eventually fixed some settings and got it around 22-25ms which is still not better but w.e With that said then my Fiance came home and her office is upstairs 1 floor, she uses wifi. It kept cutting off her wifi and the range was atrocious... followed some advice to unlink the 2.5 and 5hz still no fix and the best part is that my internet began to completely shut off or increase my ping past 400ms in warzone while she was working upstairs.... the only fix to this was to reboot everything.... I dont know whats going on ive known for years that Netduma is great for gaming etc but so far my experience has been terrible. I have had to revert back to my ISP modem/router, and in the meantime bought a wifi range extender because i really want to use the new router... any suggestions or known issues why my ping is higher? why the internet cuts out or increases my ping to 500+ ms essentially cutting out my internet or why the range on the wifi cant reach 1 floor above?
  2. oof got the r2 to work back with the computer at least but now everything on wifi wont even connect (chromcast, nest mini) sorry for the spam here really need some help figuring this out
  3. just tried restarting both modem and r2 and now i completely lost connection to the internet, so im back to just using my ISB this is frustrating ngl
  4. the range seems to be very poor getting less then 2 mbs download speed... is the 2.4ghz further range? seems to have the same issue any thoughts on how i can extend the range?
  5. ok seems to have fixed the ping... i was hoping to figure out how to get more range to my chromecast upstairs... i heard the 5ghz isnt as good at range how can i connect the chromecast and the stuff upstairs to the 2.4ghz?
  6. 1. Wired FIbre internet cat 7 cable also have cat 6 that ive tried same results 3 feet away from the modem/router. 2. Its bell home hub 3000... i cant bridge this modem. 3. Bell 4. Priority to my PC with a high prio in the gaming settings. 54% on both upload and download 5. 1311 km away from the east coast set near Toronto Canada. 6. yes this is the difference i noticed in the game. the exact settings of my speed test in the duma os atm is 4.5 ms average ping when i do it on speed test ookla its between 2-3 ms previously with my ISB i would get 1-2 ms on ookla speed test also just noticed im only getting 400 download speed on duma test but ookla is showing 700
  7. Hey guys hoping for some help with this... the R2 just arrived yesterday set it up works. with that said my ping seems to be higher on every game i play I did the QoS and Geo filtering. I play on fibre direct to home internet 1g up and 1g down with a wired connection. Previously with the router/modem from my ISB i was getting 19-21 Ms in Warzone and about 15ms in WoW... now im getting 24-29 ms in warzone and 19-20 ms in WoW i know its not a big difference but everything counts and one of the reasons i bought was to keep my ping at the lowest thing possible.... thoughts?
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