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  1. Ok, maybe you can guide me to use ping assist or polygon settings. I know there are dedicated servers in Illinois right below me and they have 2 dedicated servers that are around 25 ping which are lowest on my ping heatmap, but one of them is a cluster that has higher ping servers (70ms). Is it better to use ping assist with the smallest geo filter radius somewhere random or use the polygon and hope I don't get into the higher ping server in the cluster? Thank you again for your help.
  2. It worked pretty good all night. Had a couple times where it would search for games higher than the ping assist I chose, but I'm wondering if that is something with the new update with COD or server load. It's crazy that it was just resetting the bandwidth flower again back to default as it was set to default after the factory reset.
  3. Yeah it does work after resetting that now. Wow lol. I'll be gaming tonight so we will see if its any better. I ran dsl reports for buffer bloat and I just gave my xbox 30% up and down and getting A+. When having it set to default I am getting A or just a little bit lower consistently. Should I be using bandwidth allocation at all? Usually when I'm gaming there's only a phone connected to WiFi. But would like my Xbox to get a major part of the bandwidth on our network. So is having the xbox set to 90% down/up and do not share bandwith a bad thing and would that not correlate well with have CC set to 70%?
  4. No IPv6. No PPPoE or DHCP identifiers. And for options I turn on CC always when gaming. On .179 it would limit down/up speeds according to what I had my sliders set to for all devices when a speed test was run. My traffic prio is for xbox source 1 65535 and destination is 1024 65535. Also have tried Dumaos classified games. So update.. I had my bandwidth allocation set so it was default and all devices had the same allocation for down/up. I put the xbox allocation to 70% just to match the CC slider percentage which I have at 70%. And now I test down/ up speeds on phones and laptop and they all read 70mbps down as normal. My speeds are 100 down and 10 up. I use enable share bandwidth also.
  5. Yeah its usually at night around 7:30pm I am on playing warzone. Yeah I am stumped and I want to stay on the new version because WiFi range does seem better and more stable. Do you know why when having CC on always and sliders set to 70% that any WiFi devices when testing speed it receives full speeds, but my Xbox being hardwired is the only device that has its speeds throttled correctly? Makes me wonder if this is a reason why I am getting rubberbanding etc as the WiFi devices are not being affected by CC.
  6. Yes I did factory reset after I upgrade again and the settings were the exact same. Um that I am not sure I didn't have my laptop by me but it would say searching for a match <34ms and all of a sudden would jump me into a match with very high ping. I did resync the cloud on both ping heatmap and geo filter and all the servers were in the same location on .179 and .205 if that matters at all..
  7. So over the weekend .179 was better for online gaming. No rubber banding and was getting into 30-40ms latency games on COD servers. The game would sometimes spike to around 60ms, but I think since the last update for COD something has happened that is causing that. So last night I upgraded back to .205 and the rubber banding returned and had high spikes and also was put into games that had 130ms+ with the same geo filter settings I had set on .179. I also noticed that when having CC on always I was running speed tests and was getting my full download/upload speed when testing on our phones and laptop on WiFi. I than checked the speed on my Xbox which is hard wired to the R2 router and the download/upload speed was throttled like every device should be when CC is set to always with my percentages.
  8. So i downgraded back to .179 and had some hiccups with traffic prio not working at all until I rebooted the router a couple times. Online gaming seemed to be better, but couldn't test much since Xbox live was down last night for awhile. I did notice WiFi was better on the new update versus the .179 which was nice as we were having multiple disconnects throughout the day and my gf works from home. I will test .179 more tonight and see if its better. Also, if I want to revert back to .205 should I do a factory reset through the GUI or hold the reset button for 30 seconds? I want to believe .205 will work good, but just seems like coding of something is causing issues right now. Only say that because of the traffic prio incident and also geo-filter seemed to not work for a numerous matches until I reset the router. I was getting in lobbies that were around 150ms ping. I have my geo filter on western part of Wisconsin with a radius of 350 miles with ping assist set to 28ms. Thank you Faser.
  9. Ok, I will try this when I get home and report back.
  10. Hey Fraser, Physical setup: Netgear CM1000 V2 (modem) Netduma R2 (router) and ethernet to Xbox series x. Devices connected: All connected devices are 2 phones, laptop, Xbox series X. When playing games online there is usually only 1 phone connected to WiFi. QOS Settings: on .179 I had 70% up/down and was working great and that is what I tried along with going down and up 10% at a time with the new firmware upgrade and nothing seems to work great. I setup manual traffic prio rules based on forum posts on here. Platform/game: Xbox series X hardwired. COD warzone and cold war. So when playing warzone or cold war I constantly get spikes of 30ms or more and rubber banding even though I am connected to servers with the lowest ping just a state down from me (polygon). I have tried east and west coast servers that also have low ping and still the same issue. When using ping plotter I can see the ping spikes and CC have no affect on that even trying a bunch of different % values.
  11. After upgrading to .205 I have had nothing but issues playing online games on xbox. I have factory reset the router after the upgrade and followed the steps in the geo filter section. I also noticed that when having the same CC settings as before and using ping plotter it seems I get the same ping spikes regardless if CC is on or off. I might be switching back to .179 for the time being. Also noticed in traffic prio section that Duma classified games was not registering any high prio traffic, but when using my manual traffic rules if works.
  12. Thank you, I find it odd that you wouldn't disable share excess and allocate like 90% bandwidth up and down to gaming or a specific device. Do we know why some people are having better hit detection when only dedicated that little amount for up and down? I know online gaming doesn't use much bandwidth at all, but still trying to wrap my head around this.
  13. Hey, when you set 1.5 down and .5 up is that on the bandwidth chart? Or is that your settings on congestion control?
  14. Thank you for your help. One last thing.. For traffic prio should I add my xbox and put 1-65535 UDP/TCP both source and destination or just only keep DumaOS classified enabled?
  15. Ok that sounds good. Would I even need to place a radius around my location if I am just going to draw the Polygon around the Washington server? Also when I am in a match will Geo filter show me a more accurate location on where that server is I'm connected to?
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