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  1. One of the problem of R2 when the modem goes off and comes online again, the R2 doesnt register new ip or something, it happens to me again last night, I had to restart, starting to be a bug. So we have to wait weeks untill hot fix or I don't know
  2. investigating in my area, theres is some construction nearby, so i call and receive 25 dollars credit XD well i think the problem was my internet provider - no more reboot for the router for now, im happy, so now i can sell my xr500 to my cousin but im going to do more testing and wait for the update.
  3. calling right now for that info sir - the log file is after reboot, i forgot to get it before dumb, catch it next time - no voice, just pure internet and no cable tv - "UPDATE" the lease is per month log-1603032820117.txt
  4. short story - bought the xr500 a year ago, no problems, did some digging about who does the dumaos, is better getting the main source "the makers", waited for the r2 come out. bought it weeks ago, thinking about myself lets support this guys, i receive the r2, first is not my style is the inside that counts right. out of the box was restarting by himself, maybe "overheating" so lets do less traffic for him, just 6 connections this time and worked well. now i have the problem of doesnt connect to internet until reboot - my modem is connected to the r2 - so im going to do a hard reset "factory reset"
  5. I meant to uninstall but I think you can't, about always reboot there's a fix for that? Because my xr500 I don't have to reboot it, for the thing to connect to internet again
  6. another thing how to disable some "rapps" like useless ones like adblocker? writing to you from orlando, florida btw
  7. When my internet provider have a problem "offline", my R2 doesn't refresh when the internet comes online, I have to reboot my R2 manually and then I have internet, it really sux, I have to do it almost everyday, when is the update coming out or a hot fix?
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