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  1. Okay but I cant even access the interface as in dumaos/ doesnt work or the ip doesnt work
  2. I mean the router interface doesnt even work for me and its been 2 routers does this happen often because now 2 routers are not working, and its bad, im genuinely pissed off
  3. How do I know this router isnt messed up, or not working properly. As if its damaged or im not using the full power of it so I get the best internet speeds how do I check this?
  4. do I know the router is even working correctly, and theres nothing wrong with it
  5. The router messed up again honestly im sick and tired of this router at this point can I just get a refund? I cant access the interface, its the same shit as before. Also what is this button on the router that says 5 ghz and it keeps blinking how can I switch to this or something
  6. am i suppose to connect the router to the gaming router why is it not like others that it completely replaces the router
  7. I dont know how to setup that version or access it
  8. why is the router slow down over time, Like i've been using it and youtube is slowing down, and stuff is taking longer to load
  9. so update i tried it with the ip and now it works but the website takes long to load for some reason
  10. Yea i got the router everything worked fine like the dumaos/ worked and then it was loading said my router is not connected searching for signal or something even thought i could go to youtube and then it went to this page https://gyazo.com/9303751bde3058de4ffce43d2f71ca6f
  11. do you have any idea what time this router will get to me tomorrow?
  12. ok yea thats with the features for the duma router
  13. by any chance do you have any idea how to add more bandwidth to something? like a game for example
  14. oh ok great so he said its being shipped out today so will it be here today its 9:39am for me
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