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  1. Yes, I was connected directly to the R2. The R2 wasn’t connected to the modem.
  2. Liam, Here's the screenshot from the ipconfig. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you,
  3. Hi Liam, I’m unable to access R2 interface from web browser because the unit keeps rebooting. It starts to identify network then no internet connection. I’m not connected long enough for the ipconfig to work. Please advise. Thanks
  4. The R2 is no longer working. The units continually reboots. Came home last night internet was down. Cycled power on the R2. Starts up like normal then all the lights except for power clears and restarts over and over. I disconnected the unit overnight and tested this morning same issue. Thanks.
  5. Thank you. How do you perform the factory reset and what is the default login and password? If I don't do the factory reset everything should work?
  6. I'm looking to finally update my firmware on the R2. With the firmware update will I lose my settings? Do I just click update? I downloaded the most recent firmware. Do you always have to do a factory reset after the update? With the factory reset won't I lose my settings? Sorry for so many questions, I just don't have the time to have the internet down let alone mess with the router. The main issue is that the I lose ethernet connection roughly once a week and have to just remove power from the R2. I'm hoping the firmware update fixes this issue. Thank you,
  7. I’ll need to verify. But when I look at the COD MW ping reader it’s was over 100ms. I’ve had multiple host migration warnings. That’s why I feel that I’m putting myself into a peer to peer connection. This doesn’t seem to happen nearly as much when I’m playing solo. Once I group up with friends it’s more prevalent. Also I’ve have the various servers to my Allow list. Thanks.
  8. I'm currently playing on Xbox. I've setup my Geo-Filter, basically covering the east coast. From the ping heat map it looks like there is a dedicated server located in NY/NJ with good ping. Is there a way to ensure that I play on that dedicated server. MW will search and search, with the ping constantly going up and I end up with a peer to peer connection. Question does the Player Icon represent a Host/Peer connection. I have a similar issue playing Apex Legends there are 3 perfectly good servers (NY, VA), but the games keeps trying to send me to the midwest or west coast. I will get disconnected or have trouble establishing a connection to EA servers. Also does partying up affect the server choice or connection type? Everyone I play live within 30 mins of me normally. I would just like to play on dedicated servers and avoid peer to peer connections. Thank you.
  9. None of the wireless devices show in the device manager. But they were all setup in the wireless on R2 which I had turned off (shows offline). All the hardwired devices are online. Under the network monitor screen the wireless devices can be seen with the Network Snapshot. They are also labeled the way I had named them. With the Asus AP the wireless is setup to hide SSID and has mac filter. Thanks,
  10. I don’t see the wireless devices in the device manager. I’d definitely like to setup each device properly. All of the game consoles and PC are hardwired. Wireless is used for the iPhones, IPads, Ring, Nest and one Smart LG tv. Thanks
  11. Just setup my new R2. The wireless signal wasn’t as strong as my existing one. So I configured my ASUS RT68U to be a access point and turned off the wireless on the R2. Looking at the device diagram, the ASUS doesn’t show the wired connection online, but the wireless is working. How does the R2 determine what is coming through the access point.
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