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  1. filtering mode is active and now when i look under UPnP i have a new port open 17536? when i do connection test in DumaOS it is all over the place. Usually D rating which is like 570 MBps or below sometimes it will hit 680 MBps, i have had it hit 710 MBps once which is what i have my congestion control set to. when i test on a website the numbers seem to get a little better but still doesnt seem like a constant connection. in my mind if i have it set to 710 MBps it should be immediately getting to that point without question when starting the test, its like the router is struggling to get to that point fighting to reach 710 MBps.
  2. Also after downloading the IOS app this is what i see on my geo filter when on my computer with the app open on my phone. I am located in Oregon and it is showing in California is this normal? 37 ms?
  3. are we talking a 5 day work week mon-fri 8-5 PM? or 7 day week. Do you typically have a day of the week that you use to release firmware updates more than others?
  4. I am testing on multiple sites several times to get an average and it varies by usually 20-30 MBps sometimes a variance of up to 50 MBps. I was just curious if the system in general is being taxed more than it should to run optimally. Dual core processor, maybe needs more ram or cache? Well i get that the XR is more powerful but i was hoping the R2 would be able to push my network to its potential. I'm using a CM1200 cable modem plugged into the R2 router, so I would assume the modem is already in bridge mode?
  5. Hey Fraser, So I had xfinity technician come out to my house and ran a fresh line from outside the house to where my computer is and made sure it was the only connection active. I feel that the ethernet performance is hit or miss on the Netduma R2. I understand speedtest can be inconsistent with results but to the fluctuations that I am seeing seems to me something is unstable. I have QoS and Congestion control on i have my slider set to 85% which is 710 mbps. I set my connection bandwidth to what i am able to get out of the R2 with QoS disabled and now congestion slider which is around 840 MBps. Now that in itself is an issue how am i losing 100 MBps from just plugging in a router to my cable modem. I have never had that kind of drop before in a router. my speedtest results will vary which is not normal to me. When i was using Xfinity gateway/router combo every speed test i ran i hit 940 MBps or more everytime. Is the router having to work harder because the WiFi is not up to snuff or is there something else going on? I guess what i am getting at is i pay for 1 GBps internet speeds if i cannot get anywhere near that with this setup then maybe i should downgrade my internet? would the XR1000 be a better choice? The Xr1000 is using QAM 1024 versus the QAM 256 that i have currently, would extra 20% you get from that be the difference im looking for?
  6. is there patch notes that come with the new firmware updates? like a break down of what has been changed/fixed?
  7. Hi Fraser, I have tried everything when it comes to the congestion control slider. started at 99 on both and worked my way down until i found the most consistent line load under the Ping load test.
  8. these are my current settings. when looking into UPnP i noticed something was in there i havent seen that before. Should i not have the port forwards on if this is on under UPnP?
  9. I believe it is still cable I have 1 Gig speeds. I read that the Gigabit Pro from xfinity which is the 2 gbps speed option is fiber but that is also $300 a month in my area. so you suggest i turn of UPnP because of my port forwarding? I havent had an issue with it on with the port forwards but i will test with it off.
  10. Ok so I have changed the device type and deleted the previous filter and added a new one. i have attached 2 photos one of the connection test and one of the QoS settings. it says that you guys recommend 70-70 for download and upload but i found that 31 on the download and 2 on the upload give me the most consistent ping under load. If the download ping is spiking under ping load should I be going up or down with the slider, this is where my confusion sets in.
  11. Hi Fraser! Thank you for the reply. I am using a PC but after reading several forum posts you recommended to switch the device type to console under device manager which is what I did. I had to actually port forward the ports for CoD because I was getting a moderate nat type. Now no issues regarding nat type it is open. For geo filter there is 2 options CoD and CoD PC only what is the difference other than the auto enable feature. with that being said should I still have UPnP enabled? what about static ip? I have now switched congestion control to use ALWAYS. so for the ping load it is essentially re running the test. would you recommended running 3 test before making any changes or does average matter?
  12. Hey guys just received the R2 in the mail, Thank you for the fast shipping! i was not expecting that. I am new to all this networking stuff and was hoping to ask some questions as i am confused on optimal settings for the router. Current ISP - Xfinity 1GBps speed Current Cable Modem - Netgear CM1200 Current Router - NetDuma R2 Computer is hardwired in using Cat6 cables. Ok on with the meat and potatoes. I have noticed my internet speed when using the CM1200 and R2 combo cannot get past 870 MBps, when using the xfinity cable modem/router I get a solid 940 MBps( I tested this with QoS on and off, with it off is when I saw the highest speeds 870 MBps when QoS is on the speeds are reduced to below 600 MBps). I went into the settings of the CM1200 and checked to see if there was a firmware update but that is taken care of by the ISP apparently. Which leads me to the router, I am not sure of the optimal settings for a router. Disable or enable UPnP? not sure what that does. static ip? (not sure what that does) if so, how do I set that up? DMZ? I guess I just need a good schooling on these things. I have also been using the connection benchmark and QoS (i left bandwidth allocation alone is that good?) more specifically the congestion control panel and have been trying to figure out for hours now how to get the jitter down during ping test and try to match up the download/upload/ idle under Ping Load. I have got it pretty close with the jitter I honestly don't really know where to begin when trying to look this stuff up on the internet, its like going down the rabbit hole everyone seems to have different opinions on how to setup the router. I appreciate any help related to this in advance. Thank you, Nick
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