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  1. So, I finally found the cause for me and wanted to let you know what helped for me. I also had the 3 orange boxes, FPS drops every 5-10 seconds but package lost stayed at 0%. I tried all kind of sh*t; diffrent ISP's (at friends place), diffrent RAM, hotspot from my phone, cooling by an extern fan, all kind of diffrent settings in windows+game, re-installing the game+shaders, tried all kinds of diffrent drivers but nothing worked. Then I tried another SSD with windows installed on it, and guess what; this sh*t worked. So I re-installed windows and basta, it's working for now. Stupid but simple. Hopefully this will work for someone else as well. *edit*: It worked for 2h, then blizzard came with this wonderfull update and things went back to 'normal'
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