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  1. I been playing modern warfare with R2 for about two to three weeks and try every thing to fight this lag comp ( port forward, DMZ, change my QOS, change my geo filter, Plug in play, modeified firewall no luck) I even switch from cable spectrum to fiber optic ATT so that mean from and average ping from Spectrum that was 20 ping to ATT ping which is 2 ping also when I play modern warfare I get in lobby which i am pinging 7 to15 ping ms to a peer or server because I am so close the Dallas server.. and even with a 15 or less ping I getting punished with lag or lag comp shoot first and die first ... Netduma need to create a software or a R-App to fight this unfair lag for people that use netduma software because is just a waste of time and money for people who bought netduma to fight lag especially for netduma user like myself because I can get the same result with default router that ISP provide me .. Now and days other games like Apex, battlefield, and other FPS games the user can select what server they want to play....
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