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  1. thanks for the help. ill just wait for the devs and see what they say
  2. I might be a little late i dont know yet. Sorry if I am though
  3. yeah Tuesday is fine and time zone is eastern time.
  4. Monday at 3:00 pm if that's ok and so do I have to download the app TeamViewer
  5. and on my phone i tried putting in a username and password put still doesn't work. that's what happens when i cancel
  6. and no I dont get the setup wizard it just shows site is not private
  7. I put the Username:admin Password:password And nothing happens
  8. Need help how do I reset admin username and password
  9. after i put the latest firmware in the netduma r2 it started to show your connection to the site is not private and made me put a username and password in. i tried a couple of times but i cant sign in or use dumaos
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