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  1. Okay, but nothing I put in works. Not the admin password, or what I thought I put in for the username and password. Is there a way to reset it?
  2. Every time I try to access my R2 software it tells me my connection is not private and i need to sign in. It it seems its asking me to sign into google not the R2 software. the issue is i dont have a sign in for this.
  3. Every time i put in the ip address or dumao/ in the search bar, it says my connection is not private, and asks me to sign in. And it inst dumaos/ asking me to sign in, it seems like google chrome is asking me to sign in. and i put in whatever username and password i can think of and nothing works.I've turned off and on the router, i have also reset the router. I even went into admin cmd prompt and cleared the cache, and still nothing. PLEASE HELP
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