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  1. È da 3 settimane che c'è questo problema e non sanno risolvere, non sanno neanche dove mettere mano.... Che schifo.
  2. The problem is that you can't even play with the filtering mode !!
  3. Were you able to solve the problem of filtering mode? Have you found a way to make Destiny work with the active filter?
  4. Ok alright, I hope you solve this problem! Thank you for replying, if there are any news regarding the solution of the problem let me know!
  5. I've already added their IP again, but everything stays the same! With the active filter you cannot play, without the active filter the game works perfectly. Will you be able to solve this problem?
  6. Yes, I have given permissions to friends and it still does not let me play it, I cannot join them and they cannot join me with the active filter. If I turn off the filter, everything goes back to normal and I can play! But what's the point of playing with a router that works at 50%? The filter is used to avoid encountering players who have a poor connection, if this does not work it makes no sense that I use this router, I hope you solve this problem.
  7. Yes, if you read what I wrote well, the problem arises only when I activate the filtering mode! In spectator mode everything returns to normal. It doesn't seem normal to me that after 2 weeks from the start of this problem nothing has still been solved! I practically bought a router for 300 euros and then not be able to use it at 100%, I hope to resolve it as soon as possible.
  8. As the title suggests, the Geo-Filter has become impossible to use, when the filtering mode is activated there are continuity problems and disconnections, in spectator mode everything goes back to normal, now what's the point of buying this now Router when one of the functions primary and most important not working? I NOT RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO BUY SUCH ROUTERS !! UNTIL THEY FIX THIS PROBLEM !!! And it is useless for you to ignore this problem .....
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