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  1. With my isp default router and exitlag i had contstantly 64 ping without any issues. Combined with netduma r2 and exitlag i get this issues....
  2. I get 66 and that is the ping i see in the geofilter but in the game i get 78 and i have small lag spikes like input lag . People teleporting or arrows passing throught without registering
  3. With ping heat map there is no overwtach to see servers at all
  4. I am located in Greece,The closest with the best ping is in Frankfurt.
  5. @Netduma Fraser I see a bit of lag in the game but my ping is normal like 63-65. I see people teleport infront of me and arrows passing throught them. I used exitlag before for more than 2 months and the ping is stable with it. Now with the r2 and exitlag i still have 63-65 ping but i have this issues. Without exitlag my ping is 78-83. I closed QOS to never still the same problem with microlag/teleporting. Geo filter saws nothing to overwatch for me. Do i need to do something to fix it please?
  6. I just did the static ip on pc to test if it was better. I will do it as you said. Do i need static ip for pc?
  7. Here is the pictures of the modem (isp) and R2 also the ethernet on my pc tried with static ip on it.
  8. Hello again @Netduma Fraser,After not using the pc for 1 day and 13 minutes i opened it today and immediatly the internet disconnected on the pc but i think wifi wasa working. I had to restart the r2 to get internet back but after trying with static ip to my pc i entered a game of overwatch and i lost connection. can i send some screeshots of my configuration f both r2 and the isp router to help me out with the disconnects please? I don't wanna return it back for a refund and i wanna give another try to be sure it works. Also i use exitlag for gaming.
  9. Hello it still continues to work bad. I get disconected from overwatch and the ping is the same as i had before with exit lag. It doesn't offer anything than disconnects unfortunatly for me. I had to rebbot this time to get it to work again.
  10. Hello and thank you. It does cut internet completly.It occures on all devices.Both wifi and wired.
  11. Can you please help me out i have the same issue @Netduma Fraser
  12. Hello i just finished the setting of netduma r2 with my Tecnicolor TGA4130 and i have a strange problem. Everything seems to work ok but i get weird disconnects. and i have to remove the power cable to have internet again in netduma r2 but on tecnicolor the internet never lost. What is the problem does anyone know? It just happend two times in a row now.
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