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  1. Hello, I sent my r2 and it arrived a day after the 2 week return period . I have not yet received a return confirmation email . Will I get a confirmation on Monday ? I tracked the package and it was delivered on Thursday .
  2. Yes, they Told me to send it to the US address I listed below . Netduma Limited 3501Jack Northrop Ave Suite #KE997 Hawthorne California 90250 Limited 3501 Jack Northrop Ave Suite #KE997 Hawthorne, CA 90250
  3. Hello I plan on returning my R2. I contacted netduma via email already about my return. However , the address they told me to ship my r2 to did not have a city or state. I am in the U.S.
  4. Hello all , I am a competitive cod player which means I am usually playing in custom games with peer to peer connections . I also play GameBattles where the match is in a predetermined server in which I have no control of changing if I use a geo filter . Therefore I have disabled geofilter . Should I focus on my bufferbloat ? Does lowering your bandwidth sliders help your ping? I want the best settings possible for The circumstances that I play on (peer to peer/ predetermined servers). I use R2.
  5. Thanks ! I also have one more question. I play Modern Warfare GameBattles that has its own servers . It’s not P2P connection . Would I have to go into spectating mode on my geofilter to join the lobby ?
  6. I am trying to get the best out of my r2. I would like to know how to set my sliders for the QOS based on my speeds . I usually get 300 downloads and 23 uploads. I currently have the default 70% for both and would like some tips on how to better use it. And how can I test these percentages when I change them ? Should I aim for A+ in the connection tests ? Thank you in advance
  7. Recently got my r2 and set my ISP modem as bridge mode . Is this correct ? Would I have double nat (moderate nat) if I don’t use bridge mode ?
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