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  1. Yep merci. Tu ajoutes quand même l’autre personne qui a le 2ème routeur dans ta liste autoriser/refuser? J’essaie mais cela ne fonctionne pas. Tu as bien la version Ou plus simple si tu es co, on peut se retrouver en party stp? Mon PSN: Locoons. Merci d’avance
  2. Yep cool merci pour l’info. Tu attends quand même que le matchmaking affiche 6/6 joueurs avant de désactiver la geoloc?
  3. A friend said that it work but I telled him that I’ll beleve him when I’ll see that on my own. Did you’r team understand what is the problem or we can shell your product away?
  4. Seems to be a new identification server from bungie that constantly change IP but no solution from dumaos...
  5. Any good news about XR500? I did heard that the geoloc is working with Destiny 2 on R1 and R2. Is that right?
  6. Yep, I was wondering how about to add every IP’s that are in the range of this famous server that constant change his IP? plz let me know if it can be a solution. best regards
  7. Yup, thx to try to do something❤️ I’m actually in contact with Epyon, the community manager for french player. He said he would tell me what’s exactly going on with that. I’ll reply to this post when I know more about that.
  8. Hi everybody, does anyone knows how to make the geolocalisation work again and from where does this issue comes? thx for info/advise!
  9. I did try to activate geoloc when in the social space and i’ll be kicked out about 2min walking in. Nothing appare on the map. I was not in a fireteam, I was alone.
  10. Must check that but it would be weird cuse i didn’t deny anything. I’ll make a screen when I try that Tomorow or sunday
  11. Ewww I think something interesting is on the way to find a solution over here. I follow!
  12. Yep sur I did Sir. We didn’t change nothing and it stop to work. As you said in an other topic, Bungie is the black cat about this. I understand that you would not investigate on free win mecanics but we can’t make a fireteam with more than 2 gardians and do a normal game... crap situation.
  13. Hi, It append the same to me and 2 friends of me. Unable to joint more than 1 mate in a fire team and beaver error code every time I try to reach any destination. Everything was working fine and we didn't change anything but it doesn't work from the 30th of august. Something wrong with cloudflare services or else? Help would be much appreciated. Thx
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