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  1. Yes, I've had it unplugged for a few days. Plugged it in last night and tried everything. Unplugged it again and tried this morning about 30min ago. Same issue.
  2. Yes, I've been through the set up. Yes, it's connected to my modem. My router was running fine until a week ago when it started doing what's in the video. It turns on and turns off, as long as I leave it plugged in. I can't access the interface or even have wifi anymore. It's not an issue with my internet or my modem.
  3. I also can't get netduma r2 to show up on my wifi list.
  4. This is a video of what my router has been doing for a week now. I've tried holding reset in the back. 20200921_211128.mp4
  5. You just need the router to have the power cord plugged in to access dumaos/? I'm still trying to figure my router out. It sounds like the same issue I posted about. I've left it unplugged and in the box for a week now.
  6. Negative. I've tried to reset it, I've tried accessing through 2 different computers and my phone. It won't register wifi on my phone or comps and it's intermittent when it does come on, but not staying on long enough for me to do anything. It's essentially a brick atm.
  7. I can't access anything to do with the netduma router. I can't access dumaos/ or the ip. I've tried holding the reset button on the back of the router as well and had no luck.
  8. I'm with charter. It is a modem only. I have no idea what those letters are, but I plug the power in to the modem, I screw the cable in from the wall that charter provides and I plug the ethernet cable in. Yes, the router will not recieve internet, but my Nighthawk 1900 is.
  9. I'm having wifi issues. When I hardwire the modem to the netduma, the internet will come on for a few seconds and then turn off. It will repeat this over and over again. To test the internet, I hardwired the modem to the Xbox and the internet works fine. If that clears it up. UPDATE: I've reconnected my 1900 nighthawk and it connects to the internet and wifi. The netduma r2 won't connect at all.
  10. I received the netduma r2 a couple of weeks ago. It worked great, until yesterday. I've called charter and had 3 different modems. The internet works fine when hardwired from the modem to the Xbox, but when I plug it into the router I get intermittent connection. It will come on and go off, rinse and repeat. I've tried cat6, CAT7, cat5e cables and all of them are brand new. Does anyone have any ideas? It worked perfectly fine up until 930am yesterday. Edit: I also have a netgear 1700,when u plug the modem into, it brings up the wifi. Is this a netduma router issue?
  11. I play Warzone and Destiny on xbox. I think I figured it out, but now I'm having an issue. It keeps saying error: This Rapp didn't load and now I can't connect to the internet on any device. I've tried rebooting twice and waiting, but nothing. It has worked all last night and today. This just started happening when I tried to turn strict mode off to play Destiny.
  12. I'm brand new to Netduma and just received my r2 yesterday. I DO NOT understand how the geofilter /ping heat map work. I tried setting my location to Missouri and I would disconnect for 5 seconds and reconnect, but it was long enough to kick me out of my Warzone game. I was also getting host hits that I could allow/deny. Can someone please explain this to a fool? I'm in the dark here.Thank you in advance. Edit: I'm on xbox, also hardwired connection.
  13. Whenever I run my auto setup. I have the screen pop up that runs the test, but I can't find save settings anywhere.
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