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  1. 16/17* so them are my last 2 benchmark test I sent where am I where do I want to be and what numbers am I looking at ? Cause you said ping up load and ping so if you can please explain it a little more in layman's terms 😆 that way my dumb ass can comprehend 😆
  2. Ok and the other thing you recommend was to play with the percentages and get my ping under load test results closer to my ping results in the 2nd box the thing with that what are good numbers or what's close mean cause I really don't know how the numbers work or what numbers are good or bad these were the 1st 2 tests I did after I changed all the settings still haven't played with percentages just wanted to show you and see what you said
  3. Ok I turned congestion control to always and after I enable traffic prioritization do I also need to add a device also and when I select the device the next this it asks me to do is select what I'm going to be using on it like Hulu, apex legends, Amazon prime, ESPN+ Ect. Ect. You get what I'm trying to say well what I'm using it for is call of duty modern warfare but it don't have it as an option so what would I do
  4. And these are what I have right now for QOS and traffic prioritization
  5. Ok so I did that and now it's in filtering mode is that correct so what was the 2nd thing you recommend something about the QOS or traffic prioritization if we can do one thing at a time so I don't get confused lol I'm going to send a screenshot of what I just did with the geo filter and then I'm going to send screenshots of my settings on the QOS and the traffic prioritization and you can recommend what I can do from there and thank you so much I really appreciate you taking your time and being patient with me cause I'm lost when it comes to this so I'm going to send you a little something 💲 when we're done
  6. Nice thanks man so I'm going to try to go one step by one so I don't mess anything up so the first part with the geo filter when I choose my device it gives you a pop up asking you to select an option to either recommend a mode for my game or choose manually which one should I choose
  7. Them are the first 5 rapps starting from the dashboard if there's anything else you need just let me know thanks
  8. now would you guy's do a live call over the phone to walk me through cause that's what I would do with all the other routers I had to get the best settings
  9. I'm just trying to get the best settings for gaming call of duty cause it's horrible feels like it takes 30 bullets to kill someone and 2 bullets to kill me but when I watch the kill cam it shows that I was hit by a few bullets my reaction times are slower I feel like I'm behind my opponents by milliseconds I cant run and gun and get into fights around corners I lost most of them but there's days or times of the day when my connection is running good and I can feel the difference instantly my UP/DL numbers are ok when I benchmark test them through router but when I test through anything else there's a big discrepancy and no matter what settings I change I always get the same grades ( speed ) D, ( ping) A+, ( forgot what last one is but it's ) A sometimes B, I can never get the first one speed better than D but mostly what I want to figure out is the QOS, and the GEO FILTER sorry for the long message but I like to try to explain everything
  10. Hey what's up guy's this might be random lol but I was looking to see if anyone that knows what they're doing with the Netduma r2 willing to link up and help walk me through my router to get the best performance out of it I'm willing to compensate a nice little tip that I can send &you through cash app, pay pal, venmo ect. So hopefully there's someone out there willing to help thank you in advance
  11. Hey fellow Netduma users I'm having trouble logging into my router I put my username and password in and it don't really do nothing like tell me if it's an incorrect username or password IDK if it says this all the time but it does say your connection to this site is not private if that has anything to do with it like if I need to be on a private connection or something I'll attach the picture of what it does thank you in advance
  12. Ok let me try to understand this cause I'm pretty new to all this sorry but thank you for taking your time to answer so the R2 does have the 3.0 but at the moment Netduma still using its older version Cause it's running fluid ?
  13. Yeah that's one of the questions I had I thought this router had the DumaOS 3.0?
  14. Thank you for your response it ended coming in today maybe the date they estimated it was just saying that is was going to be here by then but it's all good now where would I go or who would I talk to, to get some assistance cause I'm having a little trouble with the geo filter thank you have a nice day
  15. Yeah I just ordered mine last night I paid 27 dollars for shipping that says next day but I just tracked it and it says won't be here till Sept, 10th which is exactly 7 day's away which is crazy considering I just paid 30 dollars for next day shipping I understand the coronvirus delays thing's a day or 2 longer then the expected date but when it's a week that ridiculous that's longer than regular shipping so if you guy's can't commit to the next day shipping with 1to 2 day delay then you guy's shouldn't even offer it and have regular shipping cause all you guy's are to are robbing customer's which is very messed up hope to hear from someone soon thank you have a great day and stay safe Jonathan Farias
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