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  1. So the ping in africa that I was getting before has to be the playstation network (The one that is unknown or unnamed). It used to ping in Central NSW (pictured inside the geo-filter) however, has the IP range moved to africa? There is no way when I ping the African thing that we have 45ms ping to it. Did something weird happen with the most recent PS update to accidentally move the PSN IP range?
  2. Thanks guys! I've been watching the geo-filter when beaver errors occur and taken screenshots. It seems like it is constantly pinging something ( and (unknown) outside of the geo-filter locations. It seems I'm not getting beavered that much any more since doing polygon mode around these spots.Are there some servers that may have been added recently or missed?
  3. Hey guys, Having a big problem getting beaver and rabbit errors when using the Geofilter in Destiny. I never had the issue with the R1 with DumaOS and it always seemed to run perfect with no errors. All the settings are the same and its set to strict mode off and port forwarding is set up correctly but no avail. Only difference I can see is are the Destiny profiles differing in the R2 - I've noticed when setting up the recommended game mode it states Destiny 2 PC? Any help would be amazing. Thanks in advance!
  4. Just received the R2! Is there any way to transfer your Netduma R1 Allow and Deny Settings to the R2 seamlessly without restarting a new list? Thanks!
  5. I've owned the R1 for months now (ordered the R2 this morning!) and one thing I've noticed with the Geo-Filter is when we ping normal opponents, everything seems to play well and it ID's people as normal, however, when we come up against pvp sweat lords, they always seem to appear as a "dedicated server" (see picture). Is this some form of network manipulation or a VPN that is connecting to the AWS server that hosts Destiny, therefore giving them host in a pvp game? Essentially when we match people on this "magic server" we know we are in for a hard time and you can't "deny" them as they appear as a server. Any info would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
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