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  1. Same here RApps crashing at random intervals (not necessarily the same ones), reboot is the only way to get back up and running. Everything has been fine for the last couple of weeks, but this week, I have had to reboot at least twice a day. The only fundamental setting change made is issuing/reserving Fixed IPs in the DHCP setting to ensure that device get the same IP address. If I do not do this, old IP leases are still attached to a device (that is not online), even though a different online device has been assign that same IP address. However the name of the device shown, for example in Network Monitor is for the offline device and not the online device that is using that IP. When the Offline device comes online, it is given a new IP address, however when you click on the device in Device Manager is shows both the old IP address (which is assigned to another online device and the new IP address). There is no way of deleting the lease of old IP address without rebooting. A suggested roadmap item is the ability to "delete" IP leases instead of forcing a reboot to do the same job.
  2. After rebooting or when the router reports loss of WAN connection (PPoE), the Connection Benchmark schedule and history are deleted. This does not happen all the time, which makes it difficult to troubleshoot. Has anyone noticed this behaviour before ? The only way to get the schedule back is to re-create it, however the history is lost. Firmware: 3.0.129
  3. In response to; "Also, cannot find link to download DumaOS 3.0 for R2." Your R2 should have come preloaded with at least version Netduma R2 (v.3.0.123), the current release version (mine did around 3 weeks ago). There is a v.3.0.129 interim hotfix floating around the threads, but that fixes specific issues, but there is a newer release planned by NetDuma in a short while, but how short I do not know
  4. Forgot to add, the following..... Allow additional non-alphanumeric characters in Wifi password to increase security. e.g. "# " character On WAN setting, when "Use Upstream DNS", then display the Public IP address and DNS server IP address automatically assigned by the Modem/ISP
  5. Hi, In response; "QoS application - That would come under Chat & Messaging/VoIP - I think it you start adding individual applications the list could get ridiculously big, sorting by category can then cover a wide range." - do you mean that MS Team, Zoom are already covered under these categories, or you mean they would added to these categories in a future release ? "Device Manager - Do you mean filter as in only show wired or wireless devices for example? Search could be useful but Ctrl + F would be easier as already implement into browser." - Yes, only show wired or wireless or device type. Fair point on the browser search, but was thinking more of that the list of devices starts reducing in numbers as you start typing into the search box that match, using a "contains" operator for the search string entered. "We are working on improving device detection, as you have so many devices would you be willing to help us improve this?" - Yes, how do we go about starting this ? "Network status - It should say whether it is connected/disconnected already" - please see below image of tile on dashboard
  6. Summary: Experience so far has been good, but made great with the excellent support and quick responses from the NetDuma team. Working as a software development manager, the most important part is making the customer feel valued and forward progress is made when any issues are raised. Quick responses and timely solutions are critical to customer satisfaction, as is regular news updates, in this case, when new firmwares are to be released. Silence is the worst enemy, however so far, NetDuma has responded to all my post in a very timely fashion which instills confidence in a product, which for me, I did not know existed until a week ago and only stumbled across when looking for a Netgear replacement router. Please keep up the good work and do not loose this closeness and level of customer support as you grow in size, as this is a big differentiator (on top of DumaOS ) between you and say TP-Link, Asus, Netgear, etc. Current identified Issues/bugs (for now): My Rapps: - "Ready to Update" tab, display apps for update, but when clicking on an app only "UNINSTALL" is an option. No option to "UPDATE". Also the Version and Last update info for the app is blank. Adblocker: - Enable/Disable specific device needs to be simpler and also needs to work. However, I believe based on my previous forum post, this should be resolved in the next firmware update. System Information: - System Info - "Uptime" shows GMT time without daylight saving, when it should show the same as "Router Time" based on the "Router Time Zone" selected Roadmap Ideas (for now): QoS Application Bandwidth - Add the following Categories - MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc. QoS Traffic Prioritization - Add "All Devices" as Target that can be selected by a user, so for example, all Netflix traffic can be prioritised for all devices - Add Disney+, Sky+ - Priorization based on schedule - For example; - during 9am to 5pm Web, MS Teams, etc. can be prioritised over gaming - after 5pm gaming and netflix is prioritised Ping Heatmap - Add Xbox Online services Adblocker - When clicking on a bubble which shows blocked domains, have the ability to click a specific domain and add to Whitelist, without having to enter it manually Hybrid VPN - Add more service providers e.g. CyberGhost, Nord VPN, etc. Its not very straight forward using the "Advance" option for VPN setup Network Settings - Ability to scan nearby wifi networks and report back all APs and Channels. This will help in manually selecting the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels to avoid interference. Device Manager - Ability to filter "Device Table" by Type/Connection Type - Search by device name. This would be useful when you have many device (I currently have 41 devices - wired/wifi) - Improve device detection. Currently Sony and Samsung TVs are detected as Computers. Smart home devices, such as Hive, Ring, etc are also detected as computers System Information - Network Status - Add WAN connection status (connected/disconnected) next to WAN IP I will follow-up with additional feedback once the R2 has had time to settle in and I have had the chance to experiment with all the features.
  7. Yep...work around is working 😊 Do you have an update on when the new firmware will be released ? I'm currently running R2 3.0.129 (I believe this was a hotfix RC candidate version)
  8. When disabling a specific device, there is nothing to show (e.g. the Disable button does not change to Enable) that the adblocking for the device has been disabled, except that you notice that it is no longer showing any ads, tracking, etc. from being blocked. Equally, I cannot see a way to re-enable Adblocking for a previously disabled device. How do you re-enable adblocking for a specific device ?
  9. 1. Would like to use a USB memory stick and be able to backup the DumaOS configuration to it. 2. Use the USB to tether a mobile phone/4G/5G dongle for backup Internet connection, when the main provider fails (similar to what Vigor offer)
  10. Does anybody know the correct Application QoS category to select to prioritise Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc. traffic ? This has become increasingly important due to home working and kids at home at the same time. Appreciate NetDuma R2 is a gaming router, but would like to prioritise work related traffic over gaming traffic during working hours Thanks in advance.
  11. Many thanks for the quick response. Will be placing an order today. If I order before 2pm today, will I get next day delivery ? Also, absolutely would love to help NetDuma in improving the classification system.
  12. Hi, Looking to purchase a NetDuma R2, but would like to check if it will support the following; 1. PPPOE connection with username and password ? 2. Does it support DHCP ? 3. My Internet is FTH (fibre to home) at 300Mbps (295 actual) download and 40Mbps (39.5) upload, will NetDuma R2 support these speeds ? 4. I have around 35 devices (IoT, mobile phone, ipads, pcs, laptops, smart tv, alexa devices). Will it support that many devices ? Primary usage is gaming, streaming and video conferencing 5. What is your return policy, assuming it cannot deliver the above requirements ? - https://netduma.com/terms/ - Found Answer 6. What is your repair/replacement warranty duration ? - https://netduma.com/terms/ - Found Answer Many thanks in advance.
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